All about phpAdsNew

This is a very useful scrip that is written in PHP and it is used to manage various advertisement campaigns on any website. Banners of all sizes are supported by phpAdsNew; such as banner exchanges, advertisements from third parties, text ads, pop ups and flash banners are all supported by phpAdsNew. The best part is that this script is absolutely free.

The installation of phpAdsNew

phpadsnewNow you must make sure that the service provider gives you PHP4.0 and a database in MYSQL (version 3.23.3). After that you will have to download tgz or Zip package and then you have to unzip it. For this you may use Total commander or WinZip. After this you must upload the files to the service provider. You will then have to make changes to the by using the command chmod a+w after this you will have to create a fresh MYSQL database and you can assign any name to it. After this you can run the installer. You should simply follow the instructions on the screen to go through the entire installation process

You can also adopt an easier method where you can sign up with a service provider and use the pre installed scripts provided by them. You can also consult tutorials on the internet to install phpAdsNew. The tutorials found on the internet are very easy to follow and are broken down into steps which are very easy to follow. You may face some problems initially but do not lose your cool.

After you have installed the scripts take the time to go through the various tools to have a better understanding of things. Do not rush through the learning process as there is a lot that you can do with phpAdsNew.

After you feel confident about using phpAdsNew; you can then start configuring the scripts as per your own requirements.

How does one run phpAdsNew?

All you have to do is go to the interface of the admin and create a zone. A zone is basically the space allotted that will have the advertisements displayed. After that you will need to create a fresh client and then start putting together a new campaign for this client. You can also set certain parameters such as the time for the campaign to start and end, impressions, rich media, text ads and limit of the particular banner.

In some time you will have campaigns running but then most advertisers will want to monitor the progress of the campaign. For them phpAdsNew has a statistical section. This will give the advertisers an idea as to how many times people have gone through the advertisement. This section will provide statistics on a daily or weekly basis.

So by now you may have understood that phpAdsNew is quite useful and with it you can run your online store smoothly. So to get the best out of the software you should pay attention to every single detail provided in the article.

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Noahs Classifieds

Advantages of Noahs Classifieds

Naoh's classifieds

Noahs Classifieds is considered the very best when i comes to comparing the various software for classifieds. This software is simply the best when you need to advertise for something or the other. The software has quite a few features that any website owner would appreciate. This software can be customized as per the user’s requirement.

The best part is that the interface of the software is quite user friendly so the users will not have a tough time understanding the usage of certain tools. You have to liberty to customize or change the look of Noahs Classifieds. You can even replace the banner if you want to. Since this software is customizable and web based you can now post advertisements to multiple categories without facing any difficulties whatsoever. This software is very easy to install. In fact you can consult tutorials on how to install this software. The content in the tutorials are broken down into various steps. After you have installed the software properly do make it a point to go through the tools and features on the interface. Do not rush through the process as there is a lot that you can learn.

As a new user you may feel a little frustrated at times but the best way to get through this; is by keeping calm and relaxed. After you feel confident about using the software; you can then start out by configuring the settings as per your own requirements. There are separate tutorials that you can consult that will teach you how to configure the software for your own needs. So you see that Noahs Classifieds is quite a useful software and to get the very best out of it you will need to install it the right way so when you do consult a tutorial make sure that you follow every step that is mentioned in it.

By using Noahs Classifieds you are given the chance to remove words or sentences that you do not wish to post. The software also has an option where it either accepts or rejects advertisements, the software may even post your advertisement immediately and it also handles pending advertisements really well. You may use this software to modify or even submit advertisements; you can even submit your advertisements. With this software you can go through a complete list of popular advertisements. With this software you can extend the period of expiration for certain advertisements and you can also make certain modifications to the profiles of the users.

This software has many features and is loaded with sophisticated tools that allow the users to achieve many things. Experts have stated that Noahs Classifieds is one of the best software that has been released in the market in a longtime. So to get the very best out of this software you must follow all the tips that are mentioned in the article and most importantly you must install the software properly. So do go through all the guidelines laid down in the article.

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