PHP Support tickets

Give your customers an easy life—switch to PHP Support tickets

php-support-ticketsLife is running at a fast pace, we do not have time to hop round the shops, nooks and corners just to find our preferred product. We choose the internet and online shopping sites for the same purpose. Now just imagine that you have brought electronic goods online and facing some problem with it. How well will it be for you to run down to the service centre to do the necessary servicing and then again bring it back after a few days? We, who do not prefer to run around to shop will surely not like running down here and there to repair a product. Companies have thus come up with online issue resolving systems to make their products more acceptable with customers. PHP Support tickets is such an issue resolving angel in our daily lives.

This wonderful application of PHP Support tickets is well organized and consists of special features for both admin use and customer use. As an administrator you have the access to make any form of alterations in the existing ticketing system. As an administrator you can receive notifications in your email whenever a new ticket is being raised by any customer. You can change the status of the ticket after resolving the issue and can even raise a new ticket on behalf of the customer when a complaining customer informs his/her issue over the phone. The administration rights enables you to notify the customer via email after resolving the issue and you can even reopen the ticket if the issue recurs. Thus, it can be well said that this support system enables you and provides you with all the necessary tools required to resolve customer problems.

PHP Support tickets was set up keeping in mind that all customers are not tech savvy. The ticketing system must be simple and fast to be used by customers. Through this ticketing system, customer need to sign up first so that a customer profile is created and customer need not enter his or her details every time he or she faces an issue. They can lodge their complaints which require them just to enter few details. They get notification whenever the backend closes the ticket or asks them any question and logging into the system they can answer the same. End users have a different view of the system and the administrators and technical support team has a different view of the same, thus making the system simple and easy for all.

This system lets you add users, groups, locations and categories to your website making it more interactive and responsive. As the name clearly depicts, this ticketing system is based on PHP language and stores its data in MySQL database. PHP Support tickets can must be described as an excellent interactive tool where you can express your views and thoughts and provide quality assurance to customers very easily. The developers of this system are at continuous work and we hope to see more versions of this system with advanced features.

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Support Service Manager

Need to provide prompt customer service???
Switch to Support Service Manager

support-services-managerAs the world turns into a global village, international trade becomes more popular and competitive. Multinational companies are growing at a fast rate; leading to development of the society as a whole. As these companies is grow and expand, the need of maintaining good interaction between all the branches of the company becomes more vital. This is made possible by our very own computer systems, internet and its allied services like the facilities of voice conferencing and video conferencing. In midst of using these features you will often encounter software glitches, hardware faults which can just be solved by a technical expert. The more we get dependent on these technical features the more the need for technical support increases. Support Service Manager helps you in accomplishing these tasks successfully.

Support Service Manager is a application script that has proven to be a master solution to all your technical problems. Often the multinational companies outsource their technical support to a third party vendor. These third party vendors may be located at any part off the world. When an employee or user as referred to in general terms faces a software glitch or a hardware issue, they raise tickets via Support Service Manager and the technical experts get the same through emails. Often the Support Service Manager is synchronized with the knowledge base which provides a online support to the users. They can refer to this knowledge base and solve their issues instantly. It is a wonderful support application for not only solving your ticketing issues but also for sending administrative support.

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Support Logic Helpdesk

Win your customers with Support Logic Helpdesk

support-logic-helpdeskThere is no denying of the fact that the world has turned into a global village. You can connect to any one situated at any corner of the world with the help of internet. Ecommerce has gained immense popularity in recent years and people love to check various sites and choose their product online. Ecommerce customer base is increasing at a rapid pace. This immense popularity of internet and online shopping has lead to the development of online customer service desk. When using online services customers often encounter various issues and hence there must be a system to resolve those issues. If proper care is not taken of these online issues, the customer base of that online site may decrease gradually. Here companies use Support Logic Helpdesk to provide better customer service.

This software in common terms is known as the application script. This was last developed in 2006. Though the developers of Support Logic Helpdesk have concentrated in the development of updated versions of this application still it is one of the most popular support applications used to serve the customers. The primary function of this application script is to provide a structured system to the customers. It supports ticket systems. Customers can send support requests by emails and these emails get responded by the backend team. Often the technical and IT department of any multinational organization is outsourced to a third party vendor. These multinational organizations have a huge user base and the users are often scattered round the globe. The users raise tickets whenever there is some technical glitch and the engineers respond to their queries quickly.

Speaking of the technicalities of this application script, it can be developed with the help of fantastico which is a software system generally used to download complex applications. This software works on MySQL database. The best part of this software is that it is very easy to install it. This is well maintained and often has customer satisfaction and assurance scripts programmed in it. The basic features of Support Logic Helpdesk are it has canned responses, tracks the emails sent by users and sets a limit on the emails sent per day. It manages the administration and staff and tags the links and codes which are of HTML nature and user panels. It administers several technical errors like bug reports which are sent to the supporting team when the page stops working.

Support Logic Helpdesk is not only used for external clients but is also vey effective in solving internal issues. Whenever there is some technical fault in your office laptop or computer, just raise a ticket and the It team will be there to help you. There is no requirement of wasting time by making calls, sending emails or running round for support. With the assistance of this software, you can get the support just sitting at your desk or via remote access if you are on a office tour. Hence, this virtual helpdesk has become an indispensable part of our job life and will continue to be so.

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All About OSTicket

osticketThese almost every other business house uses a help desk software like OSTicket. In most cases a software like this is the most important element of a strong business strategy that can be of help to both the customer and the company.

This software provides a very centralized method to manage issues that affect website management. Now any business that uses ecommerce features will face certain technical issues from time to time. Now when you are well prepared from before to counter any problem it means that you will face less pressure.

The benefits of installing OSTicket

Technology plays a very important part in the success of a business especially when the market conditions are very competitive in nature. OSTicket is one of the finest software that will assist you to provide streamlined customer support. This software is quite important for any business out there. It makes no differences if most of your actions are offline the customers would want their queries answered anyways. Therefore you see that installing the software would definitely be good for your business in the long run.

Let us now look at the benefits that are listed below

  • This software will help the business owners to address the various requirements of the customers. This software will allow you to address the specific issue that a customer is facing and you could also provide a satisfactory answer to the customers.
  • This software is capable taking care of all post sales and pre sales whether they are online of offline
  • The software creates a strong bridge of communication between the business and the customers.
  • OSTicket brings down the cost as you do not have to hire any extra personnel to carryout business operations.
  • The software also makes sure that the customers get strong support from you round the clock.
  • Using this software you will be able to streamline every business process that resolves after detecting any issue regarding the business.
  • The biggest advantage is that this software is very easy to install and you can consult many   tutorials that will help you install the software on your computer. Most of the tutorials that are available are broken down into systematic steps and are very easy to follow for anyone.
  • The software can be easily customized as per the requirement of a business owner.
  • The software supports more than one channel so every single customer can avail full services without facing any problems at all.

To sum up things this software is needed very much to operate business properly on the internet. Solving problems encountered by the customers is sometimes the biggest issue and this software allows online business owners to solve their problems properly. The software integrates  the database  and provides the company with huge benefits by satisfying many customers. the customer care staff gets all the time to look into some of the major problems faced by the customers while the software can deal with  the smaller problems.

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Help Center Live

All you need to know about Help Center live


Help Center live is considered to be a very quick and organized way of providing customer services for potential clients. The features of Help Center live provide quick answers to the concerns and issues of the different clients.

A software like Help Center live is very much needed for businesses that operate online. A software like this is considered a very important tool when it comes to communicating with the customers.

Let us now look at the advantages of using Help Center live

Software will allow the company to talk to more than one customer or visitor simultaneously. This actually gives a boost to the performance and increases efficiency. So you see that the company does not have to employ too many people for customer support and that is a saving for the company.

The company can provide support and customer service to the customers almost instantly to the customers. The customers do not have to wait long to get a reply to their query. Since the customers are not kept waiting to get a reply they end up buying things from the particular website. So you see that this software also has the ability to generate instant sales. Help Center live has the ability to increase sales by providing enhanced customer services. The customers will not just buy a product but they will also recommend the website to their acquaintances. This will actually act as indirect publicity for the website.

The software will allow the operator to decide the geographical location of the particular customers. all of the information gathered helps to improve the operation of the website and target the right kind of audience.

This software is very easy to install and it takes less than half an hour to install.

However to get the installation process right you will have to follow a proper procedure. To install Help Center live you can take the help of tutorials on the internet. These tutorials are broken down into various steps that are very easy to follow. Once you have installed the software you must then take the time to go through the various features and tools that are provided. Help Center live is a very useful software and you can d a lot with it provided you can use it. So spend a bit of time learning the usage of the software. If you rush through the process you will end up missing a lot of important aspects of the software.

You may have a bit of trouble using the software in the beginning but things will be just fine. The Software has a very easy interface so you will not face too much of trouble. After you feel confident about using the software you can then start tweaking certain features as per your requirements. So follow the guidelines mentioned in the article too get the very best out of the software. This software is extremely useful and can produce great results provided it is installed properly.

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Crafty Syntax

The things that you should know about Crafty Syntax

carfty syntax

A little introduction to Crafty Syntax

Crafty Syntax is nothing but a chat system that allows you to keep a track of the visitors on your website. This software has many features and sophisticated tools that allow you to achieve many things. This software has a very user friendly interface so even first timers can use it without any problem.

Some technical facts about Crafty Syntax

This software is an open source chat software through which you provide  support to your customers round the clock. The software has many features and tools that allow you to add more than one operator, multiple languages and multiple departments. This software is programmed using PHP along with MYSQL for the database. Some of the other noteworthy features are Multiple operators, graphics that can be customized, fast response, push urls, you can leave a message in case you are offline, sound alert and more than one session. In addition to these you can also get to see what the customer is typing. You can also create questions and invite visitors.

Some of the features that will convince you to install Crafty Syntax can be listed below

  1. Canned messages
  2. Transcript for chat
  3. Tracking referrer and page
  4. Preview of messages that are being typed
  5. Chat invites
  6. You will be provided with live support on your website.
  7. You can add any number of operators , users and departments without any hesitation.

So you see that this software is quite useful provided you know how to use it properly. This software can be installed very easily on the computer. In fact you can consult the internet to look for tutorials that will help you through the installation process. Most of the tutorials on the internet have steps that are very easy to follow. To install the software properly you need to follow the steps mentioned in the tutorials very properly.

Now as a user to understand the software properly you must spend a bit of time with the software. So you should go through the various features and the tools in the interface. So you should not be careless to leave out anything while you are learning how to use the software.

As a new user you may find the software a bit difficult, so getting worked up or frustrated will not solve the problem at all. in fact you should keep a cool head and go through the software. Now after you feel confident that you pretty much understand everything about the software, you can then start to configure the settings of the software and it is not tough as it is open sourced.

There are many tutorials available that will teach you how to use this software for your benefits and improve your business operations very well. Crafty Syntax is indeed a very useful software so try to follow the guidelines given in this article so that you can get the very best out of the software and improve the way your business operates.

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