Security Features in Web Security

Security Features in Web Security

The World Wide Web or the internet has now become an inseparable part of our lives. We prefer to use it, weather we are doing a mundane job like ordering in our groceries or doing a secretive data transfer or ant financial activity. But the major concern that hogs our minds is that how so ever smart we are and protect all our online activities, there are certain areas of concerns when it comes to security of these activities. The online exchange of information or transfer of data is always susceptible to attacks. There have been instances of online frauds, confidential data thefts and cyber-attacks. Web security is that branch of computer security system that deals with all these problems.

Every website is prone to such threats. Your website is connected to a network through servers and these servers also might have security issues. These security risks need to be attended to and have to be minimised to avoid any loss of valuable data or misuse of resources. The more your server is complicated and the more your website has applications on it the more it is susceptible to get corrupted or attacked. The safest mode for your web server is the “turn off” mode! If you are running an organization/company it is important to track all the web traffic to avoid an employee causing embarrassment by visiting illegal or objectionable stuff online. One would also like to control the web usage by employees especially for personal use. The biggest threat comes in form of malicious software or malware which can be transported into your system to cause potential data losses and a lot of hassle.  Here comes in web security.

To provide web security to your website you should have firewalls, anti-virus protection in place and you should run IPS/IDS. But when these threats are growing and are becoming dynamic in nature you need more than that. There are a number of companies that offer web security solutions of all sorts of levels. But the key features in almost all of these solutions remains to be these:

  • They ensure that while all the relevant information is available to authorised persons, it is protected from hackers and even from people within the company who do not need it or may misuse it. Encryption is a technique used to do so.  Conventional web based SSL encryption ensures that the data stays intact between the two parties involved.
  • These solutions protect the network from getting exposed to any kind of malware through the internet.
  • Web traffic, especially the outbound traffic like the emails are properly scanned so that there is no data dripping or data leaks.
  • Running these solutions ensures that the company does not land into any legal hassles because some irresponsible employee decided to check out a restricted site. Access to such sites is blocked.
  • There is always a provision of creating filters which allow or deny access to data.
  • These solutions are also equipped to analyse any malware if an incidence be so that it can be dealt with properly with minimum damage.
  • There are provisions of using digital signatures to verify that the incoming or outgoing information is from the correct person and ensures data integrity.

When you have a website one of the many important parameters that ensure its security is its source code. It is this website code that ensures the level of exposure that your website has to the potential threats. Extremely experienced programmers are required to write codes that are perfect and have no security holes. Each time your website is approached and any type of data exchange is done like if your website requires filling up of forms, adding a cart, search for a location or log on an account, there is a possibility of hackers putting harmful contents into your website. A good code will ensure that only useful information comes in and goes out and the website is not attacked. So we can say that website code plays a vital role in web security of your web site.

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Saving Tips on Web Hosting

Cost Saving Tips on Web Hosting

As the web hosting services all over the world are increasing day by day, the clients are looking for various web hosting – cost saving tips for their websites. Now that the offline market has become too much saturated, the companies are trying to penetrate their business into the online market in order to make their business well expanded. The offline market reached the optimal level of promoting their business. On the other hand the online market is a vast market in which the companies can contact directly with the clients and make the best deals to them so that they get attracted to the companies. At the same time they can make their websites as attractive as possible so the customers get attracted and visit their websites.

For making the websites it is important to have the right kinds of web hosting service providers. Worldwide there are many web hosting service providers. However the professional companies look for the quality companies where they can make the best results out of their websites. For that the quality web hosting that they seek for generally cost more than the other services. For that reason the companies look for many web hosting – cost saving tips. It’s not very easy to get these kinds of tips, especially when the service providers don’t wish that the users get to know about the tips. So the companies usually form their own team of professional technicians who work on the issues as how the regular expenses of the web hosting can be reduced.

However, very few of the solutions are available in this matter. According to the web hosting – cost saving tips given by these experts the companies form their strategies to reduce the cost and accordingly they make several attempts. However, there is one issue where the web hosting – cost saving tips can really come handy. That is when the hosting services face any kind of virus problem or malfunctioning. At that time all the data in the websites get corrupt or deleted. At that time the company or the individual user has to spend a lot of money to ensure that the lost information is brought back properly. Usually the service providers ask for a lot of money to ensure that all the data is brought back.

But to save the money the users can take the back ups and likewise can use them if anything happens. The back ups are kept in the internet services only and when the user faces with any kind of technical difficulties or problems, he can use those backups and recreate the websites just as they were previously. This is a very common step taken by the companies all over the world. The companies are currently going through various kinds of financial crises and so they are making the best efforts to take these kinds of results. In this connection it will be worthwhile to say that the web hosting – cost saving tips are beginning to be popular very fast.

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T tier standards in web hosting

Rising Demands for Standard Web Hosting

The demand for the excellent web hosting companies are rising high and in this connection one can prefer to avail the T tier standards in web hosting. As the companies all over the world are trying for an expansion they are finding the offline market to be very narrow for the spread up. For that the companies are going for the new strategies and new methods of promotions.

They have found the online market to be the proper one for the right kind of expanding and for that they are investing to a great extent to the internet market. It is well known now that the online market has become a very wide opportunity for the companies and they are well utilizing the opportunity. The companies through their websites generally make the direct promotions of their products. This system is far better than the one that was in use before.

However, to maintain these websites the companies generally depend on the T tier standards in web hosting. Now that there are many website hosting service providers in the market, one can get confused while thinking about opting the services of these service providers. There are so many service providers offering so many offers that it’s very normal to suffer from t5he indecision as which is the right company for the right kind of service. However expert opinion is important in this matter.

This is one of the reasons why the leading companies in the world keep the expert technical departments in choosing the web hosting providers as well as maintaining the websites. The result is that these companies get the best kind of service that is healthy for the online website marketing done by them. The companies also take the proper measures to ensure that the services provided are by the T tier standards in web hosting.

The proper kind of web hosting provides a unique opportunity for the companies assure that the website is running properly and therefore the company promotional strategies are very efficiently in action. The customers can, in that case gets the proper understanding of the company level as well as quality.

On the other hand, the T tier standards in web hosting makes the companies assured that the kind of services it will provide will ensure that the websites are very well maintained. At the same time the options of customer care should be very well maintained. These quality web hosting providers take care of the emergency situations.

The companies hope that the service providers will provide the maximum customer care and maintenance services as possible and the service providers make sure that they can fulfill the expectations of the clients. Recently, as seen now, there are many web hosting service providers that are making the cheap offers to attract better number of people into purchasing their services.

According to the experts, it is better to avoid these service providers as most of the time they disappoint the clients in their services. The T tier standards in web hosting should be maintained while providing the service.

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Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Data

Demand for Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Data

As the time is passing, the importance of unlimited bandwidth & unlimited data is rising fast. Especially the large companies all over the world count on the process of unlimited bandwidth and unlimited data. Now that the offline market has become steep and the huge competition has made the competition among the companies very narrow, the companies have looked for other avenues of promotions and advertisements.

They have found the online market to the right place where they can make proper expansions of their companies. All over the world the various companies are making ventures to make the entry into the online world. Whether it is the small companies or the large multinational companies, the process is the same.

In this process of online marketing there are several issues. Importance of unlimited bandwidth & unlimited data is one of these issues. As it is evident that for the matter of data upload and download the most of the companies depend on the unlimited bandwidth as they usually have to transfer unlimited data all through the day. For that any restricted bandwidth does not prove to be too fruitful.

For large business operations the limitations that can be allowed so far online marketing is concerned is almost nil. For that reason the companies look for those service providers who can provide the band with and the data both in unlimited quantity. The importance of unlimited bandwidth & unlimited data come in that matter. The companies generally tend to drag out all kinds of opportunities to try out and in this case for doing that they need the unlimited access to the online market.

The fact that the companies require unlimited access to the online market may raise the question as what are the things that are uploaded or downloaded to such an extent that the companies have to hope for unlimited bandwidth and unlimited data. As one can see when he enters the companies, there are millions of issues that are addressed by these companies each moment.

There are groups of market researchers as well as employees and other staffs that have to make downloads all through the day regarding various issues, for making the reports or building up strategies and so on. In this connection the kind of bandwidth that they generally require is very high. So instead to purchasing the bandwidths with high quantity, the companies are looking for unlimited ones.

There comes the importance of unlimited bandwidth & unlimited data. The companies generally look for the best service providers who can provide the unlimited bandwidth properly. To ensure that they have got the right service providers, they make online researches regarding the service providers and likewise can find out which are the best ones to be opt for. Also they see the feedbacks of the other clients who have opted for the service of these service providers. Their necessity and the proper service facility, all of these have enhanced the very importance of unlimited bandwidth & unlimited data.

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Process to Change Web Hosting Provider

The Process to Change Web Hosting Provider

There are a lot of people all over the world who stumble upon the question as how to change web hosting provider- step by step. Changing the web hosting provider is the process that many of the people and even large or companies are not very aware of and so they face much problem while they need to go through the process. Now that the offline market is well saturated the large as well as the small companies are making their entries in the online market and for this reason they are hoping for proper services from the web service providers.

The service providers are available all around the world and for that reason it is easy to avail their services. But, for many reasons eventually, some of the service providers start providing poor services to their clients. At that time the clients start choosing other service providers. However they keep wondering how to change web hosting provider- step by step. However, the web hosting services are themselves are the answers to that.

Usually, as it seems the whole process of changing the web hosting services may look very difficult at the very outset; on a very closer view the process proves to be very simple. There are mainly four things that are mainly shifted from one web host to another while the web hosting provider is changed, the website, the database, the mails and the domains.

However, for the whole process one needs to be patient and give ample time. The best way to make the changing process possible is that the owner of the domain may contact the web host and request the service provider to make migration process possible. They know everything about how to change web hosting provider- step by step and so they are the ones who can help most smoothly.

Among the four things to be changed, the website is the easiest to migrate from one web host to the other. The web host can download the all the data from the files of the old host and upload in the fi8les of the new host. In this way the full file can be well replaced and the website in the new hosting provider is formed without any kind of hindrance. Same procedure is applied in the migration of the E mails.

The user doesn’t even feel any change even though they don’t know the proper process of how to change web hosting provider- step by step. So far it is the question of the database transfer that can be done by the web hosts as well. Through three normal steps the database can be moved and added with the newer data bases of the website. At the same time the domains can be transferred very easily if the user knows the details of the domain. Otherwise the older web host has to provide all the details. The user would hardly know how to change web hosting provider- step by step yet his work will be done properly.

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Cheap web hosting companies

Cheap web hosting should be of superior quality, element rich and reliable is very important for anyone looking to get hosting services. There are some web hosting companies whose major plan as web hosts is to provide realistic and cheap web hosting services to their clients.

Lower levels of government limitation, intervention and instruction in business activities, cheering taxation policies, increased profit opportunities and special privacy and privacy laws to protect offshore entities are some of the favourable aspects of offshore web hosting.

When you get your website hosted to some far off lay from your place of source for one of the various reasons, it is called ‘offshore web hosting’. The reasons may differ from person to person. Some of the common reasons can be low price, enhanced features or generally development in services that attract users to go for offshore web hosting.

These entire cheap web Hosting Providers have some Unique Features that set them aside from Other Hosting Companies and make them known as perfect Cheap Web Hosting Companies.

Features of Web Hosting Providers are similar such as:

  • limitless Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • The utilize OF a C-panel  (Control Panel)
  • maintain OF Various Versions of PHP 5and last Programming Languages
  • Free SSL Certification and some Other Features.

The top six companies that offer cheap web hosting companies are;

  1. I Page Web Hosting Company

The iPage web hosting company has the cheapest prices in the market and yet offers great CMS (Content management System) platforms that customers can enjoy by hosting with them. The company offers clients unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Cheapest Hosting Plan presented by iPage terms:

  • Unlimited hosting space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Host unlimited domains
  • Free domain register
  • Free Site Lock security suite
  • Free point & click site builder
  • Free online store
  • Free blog
  • Free script library
  • Good Support Service
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Marketing Tools
  1. Webhosting Pad Web Hosting Company

Webhosting pad hosting company is another familiar cheap web hosting and has 128 MB definite memory, a free set up and a committed IP address.

Cheapest Hosting Plan offered By Webhosting Pad Specifications:

  • Unlimited Hosting Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Domain Name
  • $200 Free Marketing Credits
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  1. Blue Host Web Hosting Company

Blue host web hosting company supports PHP5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 along with limitless disk space and bandwidth and free domain each year.

Cheapest Hosting Plan offered By Blue Host Specifications:

  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Unlimited GB Hosting Space
  • Unlimited GB File Transfer
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Domain
  • Free Site Builder w/ templates
  • Secure Shell, SSL, FTP, Stats
  • CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL
  • $100 Google Advertising Offer
  • 24/7 Phone, Chat & Email maintain
  1. Arvixe Web Hosting Company

Arvixe web hosting on the other had offers patrons infinite mail boxes, FTP accounts and sub domains and a free shared SSL.

Cheapest Hosting Plan offered By Arvixe Host condition:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer
  • 6 Websites (Domains)
  • Free Domain Name 4 Life
  1. Host metro Web Hosting Company

Host metro web hosting allows customers to have from 3000 e-mail account, 200 MySQL databases, 1000 FTP accounts and 6 parked domains.

Cheapest Hosting Plan offered By Host metro Host condition:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer
  • 2 My SQL
  • Unlimited Websites (Domains)
  • Free Domain Registration or move
  • Over 280 free Application
  1. Fat Cow Web Hosting Company

Fat Cow hosting company offers clients support for PHP 5.0, an unlimited number of domains and e-mail accounts and comes with a free SSL certificate.

The Benefits of Offshore Hosting


Offshore web hosting providers are quite reasonable. Most offshore web hosting service providers offer good services at rates that replicate the standards of living for those countries. Many people hold web hosting service from India and Pakistan. The reason is that these two countries are quite advanced in technology. Customers are guaranteed of getting only good quality services at low overhead costs.

You look at the quality as well. Offshore website hosting is increasingly becoming trendy does not mean that all of them are good. Do not sign a contract with a foreign host just because of the price. Take your time reviewing the services provided by each business. Offshore hosting has become a possible option for anyone looking to find hosting for a website.

 The words “offshore hosting” means different things to different people so the top place to begin is with a definition of just what offshore hosting is. Offshore hosting is when you host your website on a server that really resides in a dissimilar country than the one you or your business are situated in no matter your reason for doing so. There is nothing unsavory about offshore hosting; many of the biggest and most famous companies and websites in the world take advantage of hosting offshore. The basic hosting packages will be the similar to the ones you can get from hosting providers in your own country. You will be able to locate joint hosting options for your private sites as well as more strong options like reseller accounts, virtual private servers, committed servers and cloud servers for your business hosting needs. When choosing a company, there are many factors that you have to consider.

  • Location
  • Highly kind customer recruits

Why Choose Offshore Hosting?

The reasons for choosing to host offshore are as varied as the people that own the individual websites but usually break down into two main categories of cost and technology. Businesses in developing countries choose to employ web hosts in countries like the United States and the UK due to the high degree of security and reliability that hosting in a developed country provides them.

Businesses that operate in areas that are prone to natural disasters can take advantage of offshore hosting to prevent the loss of their servers and critical data in the event of misfortune. They can host completely in another country or just mirror their servers in order to provide a dependable backup for any of their responsive material. Offshore hosting provides an excellent method for backing up data for companies that aren’t prone to natural disasters as well.

Many times, you will be able to find hardware selections that are more to your liking with an offshore hosting provider. While offshore hosting companies provide the same essential hosting packages as their original counterparts, the differences in available hardware can be amazing as offshore providers tend to be much more tending to offer you customization choices in hardware arrangement rather than just offering a few programmed hardware setups. This can often result in you getting a better quality server at a lower price by going offshore.

Other Benefits

Offshore hosting can also provide a number of profits that are not so clear at first look. The closer your server is to the visitor the quicker your pages will load. This may not seem like an important thought if your pages appear to be loading quickly with your current host but page load times are now being taken into consideration by Google when ranking websites.

People also lean to group together culturally and make their purchases close to home.

Personal seclusion is another reason that people choose to host their websites offshore.  This can be a means to preventing self theft, as thieves cannot steal your information if they cannot find it.  It is a matter of free language and freedom. Many people live in parts of the world where even the thinking of expressing a view that disagrees with the normal or with the government can signify being punished. Offshore hosting can provide a layer of defence to prevent a person’s identity from being discovered.

Modern hosting facilities exist even in most undeveloped countries. Offshore hosting companies can present you all of the choices you can get at home and more.

Hosting Offshore Company Conclusions

High-quality customer service and lower price are the advantages of offshore hosting companies. The work ethic and mode of communication are also of supreme significance. For the future development of your website, the statement has to be good. The success comes only if you are able to express your needs properly and they can live up to your needs with a proper understanding. It is largely responsible to let your website run swiftly.

The feature of offshore outsourcing your web hosting, design and development needs can be beneficial for you only if it can provide you with all the services that you are in need of from the cheaper service.

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Build an online forum…try YaBBSE

YaBBSEDo you still miss the chatting with friends??? Are you missing the fun and frolic??? Are you too emerged in your daily activities and busy life schedule and craving for some good chat with friends??? Try out online forums. With the advent of internet, most of our daily activities, office work, business and transactions are controlled over the internet. In the same way, internet is also a primary tool in entertainment. From listening to music and watching video online, music and video downloading, to downloading and playing games, you can enjoy anything online. Same is true if you want to be in touch with your friends. Online forums help you to socialize and interact with people around you. YaBBSE is such an online forum which assists you to be more responsive and interactive to your customers and friends.

Online business means everything is online, from products to payment. But many customers are not acquainted with online modes of payment and online surfing. If you do not have the facility to extend online support and instant assistance to the visitors and customers, there is very less chances of your website gaining popularity. Bulletin board is an excellent module of YaBBSE. It helps your customers to get online support via chat 24 hours a day. You can resolve your customers’ issues any time of the day sitting at any other place. If your website is an IT solution provider, you can resolve technical glitches on users’ computers by remote support and chat assistance without spending lot of money. This wonderful application comes with great security tools, helping to maintain the privacy of your chat and interactions. It has tools like spam filters, censor controllers and in-built security.

The other tools of this software are the navigation menu bar and forum navigation links and texts. The navigation menu consists of texts and images. You can get the complete list of members of your forum and active users are highlighted by graphical symbols on the bulletin board. Instant messages are notified in the forum index. You can mark the messages under read or hidden status and marks the same with the date and time of posting. YaBBSE not only comes with chat management but also with wonderful templates, making your website attractive. Choose and decorate your website as per need with lots of available templates. You can skip to any other to any other board, module or discussion with the help of “jump to” button.

Looking back at the history of this software, we can see it is not very new in the web world. The YaBBSE idea was developed in 2000 by webmaster, Zef Hemel, and was known as YaBB. This is an easy to install application which is available free of cost. This is open sourced software which can be used by anyone. Thus, use this forum to keep interacting with your friends and business partners openly and privately as per need and you will certainly never feel any more bored and away from friends and family. Software forums have proved to be cost effective interactive tools.

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Built your website following your dream-use SMF

smfAre you very new in business and aspire to grow? Do you want to advertise and expand your business, cheap and easy? Well there is no doubt that online business is your destination. Setting up own website and selling and advertising products is now very common in modern business. A dynamic, organized and beautiful website is bound to attract customers and your business is bound to flourish with setting up a wonderful website. But many feel that setting up a website is very critical and requires lots of knowledge; it requires web designing experts and hence is a costly process. But to clear all your misunderstandings and provide you some ease, this is to inform you that setting up a website is as easy as easily you surf internet. You need not be a master of web designing and need not be educated in same. Softwares like SMF are always there to help you out.

Popularly known as SMF, the complete name of this web hosting application is Simple Machines Forum. Getting regularly updated, it has several versions, the latest being SMF 2. The popularity and applicability of this application is proved by the highest rating that it has achieved of 8 out of 10 in reviews. The new version is compatible with Postgresql and embedded SQlite along with MySQL. It is delivered to users via web servers like Apache to Microsoft IIS. It is compatible in your computer if it supports programming language and can be installed on any operating system, including Windows to Linux; runs on any browser, be it internet explorer or Google chrome. Last but not the least; it supports many languages, from German to Bengali. The best part of this webhosting application is that it runs even on our very dear mobile phones, be it android or windows, blackberry or iPhone.

The prime function of SMF is that it assists you in setting up a wonderful website. The features supported by this application are announcements, plug ins, hot topics and Thread icons. It can synchronize your data under several tags like, unread topics, sticky threads and topics. You can edit messages via Simple Machines Forum; as it contains several tools like WYSIWYG Editor, Preview button and Formatting buttons. It supports features like HTML and BB code. You can upload attachments like photographs using its classic attachments features or using BB Code or HTML. You need to check dictionary every time you write here as it has an inbuilt spelling checker. Thus, it can be easily said that Simple Machines Forum has been made to make our life simple; making its name a success. It is made for people who are inexperienced in web hosting.

Besides the above mentioned excellent assistance, SMF as some extra added features like helps you in conducting and participating in online polls. Messaging comes with internal and private features; that is, you can send private messages and can set up an internal messaging system. Chatting and online interaction is enabled by setting up online user list and you can check all the registered members of your website by the member list. Thus, this application is a must for you if you want to make your website a long time success.

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All the things that you should know about PHPBB

phpbbPHPBB is also known as PHP bulletin board which is a popular forum that is put together using PHP. PHPBB is quite a useful software that allows smooth creation of profile fields and also customised bulletin boards. The good news is that this software is free and is licensed under GNU. The software has very interactive features.

The software was developed with a lot of care so that it can provide the users with what they expect. The software is designed in such a way that users face no problems with installation , customization and development. The kind of services that you get makes this software worth paying for.

PHPBB is a customized software that can be installed by you or you could hire the help of a professional company at a reasonable price. However if you decide to install it by yourself then you could consult tutorials that are available on online. Most of the tutorials have a series of steps that are laid down for you to follow and these steps are quite easy to follow even for a person from a non technical background.

This software is very advanced and is just perfect for website customization and template development for making the website appear attractive. This software is also used to construct a user friendly website and a website that is easy to customize.

Features of PHPBB

Since the software has advanced features, as a user you can take the advantages of using multiple languages such as SQL, Postgre, Firebird, Oracle and SQL server from Microsoft.

The features that facilitate customization assist in developing the theme of a website. With the advanced features of this software the users can experience much smoother operations.

There are many professionals that can help in the customization and installation of the software. However the professionals that you decide to hire should have substantial amount of knowledge in the field of customization.

This software is so user friendly that you can learn how to use the tools within a very short time. As a user you will notice the progress that your business has made over a period of time.

You can be assured that the services are not only affordable but also reliable. The features that provide development and customization are used for various purposes and is quite effective when it comes to handling various work processes and activities. Creating robust themes, user postings, management of the forum, comments, managing the various messages, replying and posting are some of the various activities that can be performed.

So to get the very best out of this software you can simply hire professionals to do the job for you. However do not hire any company simply because it is offering the lowest possible price. Try to go for a company that has a good reputation so if that means that you have to pay a bit extra so be it. So follow the tips mentioned in the article to enhance the performance of your website.

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