• Company Intro

It is one of the leading webs hosting company founded in 1998. It is very reliable and has a good performance from last few years. It is emerged as the fastest web hosting and also the safest one among all. It also provides an opportunity to people to earn by designing, maintaining and hosting web pages. With this, it also offers the opportunity to work on various tools and services provided by the provider, even without any experience. From last 10 yrs, it is on the top of the web hosting companies. Their services are very flexible, as they fulfill the needs of their customers.

  • Hosting features

It offers various features on their web hosting services such as 99.9%uptime guarantee, used Linux as a hosting platform, anytime money back guarantee, daily back up. The products that are offer by the Ipage include dedicated IP, domain registration and shared hosting. In terms of security, your website is very secure and safe to a certain extent as SSL certificate is used by the provider. If we talk about the E-mail features such as SMTP, IMAP, POP3, Webmail then they all are provided with their web hosting services. With these features, it also filters all your spam mails, which will not waste your time in checking mails. It may deliver 300 e-mails per hr to your mail account, which is a big quantity of no. of mails in your inbox. After so many web hosting features, it is seen that it offers additional support also to their clients or customers. There are so many power plugins that are offer such as Content Management Systems including (Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, and e107), Photo Galleries such as Gallery2, Coppermine, and ZenPhoto, few blogs such as WordPress, PixelPost, b2evolution and Forums like Gbook, phpBB, SMF. It also provides various languages support such as PERL support, PHP, website backup software and server side include. In additional features, it also offer some free add-ons such as template based site builder, blog setup wizard, Google custom search engine, drag and drop site builder, personalized domain name and many more.

  • Reliability

iPage offers excellent customer service to all their customers or clients, as customer satisfaction is the main objective of every organization. This company serves websites with high quality servers like dedicated server. iPage servers decreases the load time, provide redundancy and fewer service interruptions. Due to all this, it is consider as a reliable company in web hosting.

  • Customer Service

They offer their customers 24 hrs supports, so that if they face any problem, then their customer care executives are available anytime for help. They interact with their customers via chat, phone and email. Their customer care executives are well trained and well qualified to serve their customers well and to resolve technical as well as other kinds of problems.

  • Company pros and cons

Ipage is having 25 brands all over the world. It is highly reputed and very efficient provider among all the web hosting companies. They care about their customers very well, serving in more than 150 different countries and serve around 1,000,000 websites and 1,500,000 domains. It also ensures the best marketing of your web site. It increases productivity as it offers good scalability in terms of services, products and applications. Its price is only $1.99 per month, thus it is consider as the cheap web hosting provider.

Yes, here we have discussed the pros of ipage, but there are few people who do not appreciate the services of ipage, after using them, as their hosting services features may be not compatible with their websites. Actually, ipage is unable to provide support to those websites that need hosting on windows server. It does not provide any option to their clients to upgrade to a web hosting plan, which contain few advanced features, as dedicated server has. This shows that if ipage is unable to handle the activities which are taking place on the website, a new web site hosting provider has to be contracted by the owner of the website.

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Looking for optimum business software??? Try out ZenCart

ZenCartThe most recent and best idea for starting a business is online business. This is the most cost effective and easiest way to start a business. Another important feature of online business is that you can stay in touch with your users at any part of the day from any part of the world. Online business expands your market from local to international. Thus, from new business starters to traditional business owners everyone is setting up their own websites and reaching out to more number of customers. The online business set up is also known as ecommerce websites. Shopping carts are the main essence of any ecommerce site. People choose, store and buy their preferred products from these online shopping carts available on the websites. Try out ZenCart today and make your ecommerce transactions a success.

ZenCart serves the purpose of a store manager. It is an online store management tool which comes with several skins from which you can choose one as per your requirement. It manages your products extremely well. You can save product reviews of customers on your website with the help of this tool. Thumbnails of products can be created and stock management is also done by ZenCart. At the end, the main thing that you want to know is the sales and this tool is made keeping this factor in mind. You can get sales report, lists of customers and their order status. These reports help you to formulate the future action plan and feel the pulse of the customers. The most important function of a shopping cart is acceptance of payments. This application comes supports many currencies and comes in several languages, hence making your website internationally acceptable.

ZenCart supports various payment gateways. Some are installed by default when you install the application, others can be downloaded separately and there is no issue with compatibility. Next important factor is the shipping module. It supports several shipping options and these options are classified by weight of products, rate and quantity to be supplied. An ecommerce site must ensure that customer can use his account details without any fear. This software ensures hundred percent safety in handling your account related information. Any software at sometime or the other faces some technical glitches and as we are not technical experts, we are sometimes confused regarding how to use any particular option. You can get answers related to any technical issues on any software forum or even may sort out the same by following the codes.

This powerful application is based on PHP language and stores its data in MySQL database. The latest version of this software is CSS based. The software has been developed by community effort and is complete free. Hence, it is really wonderful that you are getting a complete ecommerce solution free of cost by installing this software. Along with being free of cost it is free licensed under GNU general Public License and hence can be downloaded and installed on any computer. It is very easy and quick to install. Thus, switch to ZenCart and enjoy a hassle free ecommerce experience.

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All about OSCommerce

oscommerce_logoThe internet is now completely filled with stores offering a variety of products. The level of competition has  also risen over the years and the shop keepers are trying very hard to capture a bigger share of the market. To give themselves a distinct identity the shopkeepers are using various software with different features to give their business a huge boost. Businesses are constantly on the lookout for software that will help them build their websites allowing them a lot of flexibility in the process.

It seems that someone must have been watching out for these businesses as OS commerce hit the markets very soon. This software has already become very popular is considered to be the best open source software ever. A recent survey has revealed that more than two hundred thousand online stores have great benefitted from using OSCommerce. The software has all the tools that will make your work easier. Now there are several reasons why OSCommerce is topping everyones list these days and they can be listed below.

  • The software uses very secure SSL encryption
  • The software can be customized very easily
  • The software supports transactions in multiple currencies
  • The interface of the software is very user friendly
  • Since it is open source it is quite affordable and highly cost effective
  • This software is used worldwide and the developers provide strong technical support

Now to get the best out of OSCommerce you could hire out an expert who will help you develop a website using OSCommerce. However the market is filled with many developers and not all of them are good so you should try to hire the services of reputed developers. Now the services offered by genuine developers can be listed as follows.

  • Full development of the website
  • Hosting facilities
  • Complete installation of the software
  • The developer will help you develop your entire store
  • The developer will enable the shipping and payment functions on your store
  • The search engine will be optimized

However if you want to go about the process on your own then you have to make sure that the software is installed properly. You can consult any tutorial on the internet to install OSCommerce. Most of the contents in the tutorials are broken down into steps that are very easy to follow. Once you have installed the software on your computer you should then take the time to explore the software and take a look at the tools present in the interface. You should spend considerable amount of time going through the tools as there is a lot that you can learn.

You may find  the software a little hard to use. But the best way to overcome these problems is by being calm and going through the tools. You may also consult other tutorials that will teach you the usage of the tools.

Once you feel that you have learnt enough about the software you can then start out by configuring the settings of the tools.

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Some important facts about Cubecart

cube cart

Creating a plugin in CubeCart

You can create a plug in very easily with cubecart as it has some very useful code hooks that permit you to incorporate external codes within the mother application. The good part is that you can revamp your store without changing any code customization. For this reason developers have been getting requests from users to incorporate such codes in their application. This particular method will allow you to distribute plugins that will be very easy for shop owners to install and that which will not.

Now we are going to look at some steps through which you can create plugins in CubeCart. It is assumed that you have substantial experience in dealing with PHP code. Even if you do not have the experience well it is never too late to start out.

Method 1 : In this method you can create the administrator interface and you also have to create module structure. Through this method you will understand the minimum requirements that you need to create plugins.

Method 2 : In this method  you can create a plugin to measure the number of visitors that visit your website.

How do you put together a template or a custom skin in CubeCart?

Well the good news is that Cubecart utilizes a very effective Smarty 3 template system. So if you have an experience in handling CSS and HTML then you can pretty much construct any layout and design that you want. In case you do not have any experience it would be wise to hire a professional who can do it within a short time. You may also look for a tutorial on the internet that will help you out with this aspect.

Now this software has many features and very sophisticated tools that allow you to do many things. To get the best out of CubeCart you have to make sure that it is installed properly on your computer.  Well if somebody has told you that this is a difficult software to install has completely mislead you. In fact there are plenty of good tutorials on the internet that will guide you through the entire installation process. Most tutorials have the entire procedure broken down into various steps that are quite easy to follow.

After you have installed CubeCart you can log into the application and start going through the various tools and features present in the application. You should not rush the learning process as you may end up missing out on very important aspects of the software. The best way to learn about the features is to go through the tutorials that are available over the internet. You should have a relaxed approach towards things. You can also configure certain settings of the software to suit your purposes. The interface of this software is quite user friendly and you will not have any trouble using it. So follow the tips in the article to get the best results possible and  improve your business operations.

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