All you need to know about PHPCOIN

Introduction to PHPCOIN

phpcoinThis software was designed for businesses of all types and sizes.The whole purpose of the software is to present vital information to the clients through misc content. The software provides an integrated atmosphere in which an administrator or a client can perform a particular task.

The good thing about PHPCOIN is that it has a very user friendly interface. The software comes with very advanced features and sophisticated tools that will let you do a lot. Now to get the best out of this software you can take the help of professionals who will help you install the software and configure the settings.

Now if you wish not to pay money to get it installed; well then you can do it by yourself. For this you will have to consult tutorials that are found online. Now the sad part is that not all the tutorials teach you the right thing so you have to be be very choosy about what you consult. A good tutorial will break down the procedure into a series of systematic steps that are very easy to follow.

Once you have managed to install PHPCOIN you can then log in and start looking around at the various tools on the interface and learn about their usage. There are many tutorials that will teach you the usage for these tools; however you must not rush through the process of learning as you may miss out on the important things related to the software. As a first time user you may find it difficult to handle the software but if you continue using the software you will get used to it.

Once you feel confident that you can use this software without any hesitation then you start out by configuring the settings as per your requirements. For this too there are separate tutorials that you can consult.

Now let us look at the ways in which you can benefit from using PHPCOIN

  • Now this software helps you to manage the information on the website so that both potential customers and existing customers can stay updated about your company. The search module can help to locate any content you wish to see.
  • The software has a function called order process which lets customers fill out online forms, this is perfect for finding out the tastes and preferences of the customers.
  • The invoicing function is very quick and prompt and it generates invoices so that the billing procedure can be completed very quickly.
  • The client management function is very helpful in storing information about the clients and their past purchases and invoice details. This also helps the company study the spending patterns of repeat customers.

The support function gives the customers integrated support

Using PHPCOIN will also provide you with a medium to keep in touch with your clients.

So by now it has occurred to you that PHPCOIN is ia very useful software indeed so you must follow the tips given in this article to get the best possible results out the software.

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AccountLab Plus

The things that you should know about AccountLab Plus

accountlab-plusIntroduction to AccountLab Plus

This happens to be a useful software that assists in creation of bills and account billing. With AccountLab Plus you can offer your customers the options of using payment methods like 2Checkout,, Proxy pay, Transfer Money, egold and Paypal. This software can be tweaked to accept payments offline by using meyods like personal checks, money orders and bank transfer.

Now this software comes with a process that can look up domains too streamline the process of payment. The software supports more than 180 codes. The software will let you sign up any number of customers. With AccountLab Plus you can actually help your online business grow by leaps and bounds.

The good thing about AccountLab Plus is that it runs a check on the ISP of the particular IP, the location of the phone belonging to the customer and the system lso marks any IP address that has a high risk.  Let us now look at the features of AccountLab Plus.

  • You can create accounts very easily  on servers of Cpanel
  • The Tax system is quite advanced
  • You have the facility of subdomains
  • There are plenty of special features
  • You can also avail discounts provided to the customers
  • The software also generates graphical reports for your convenience
  • You can add more than one administrator
  • You can carry out transactions in more than one currency
  • You can use this software to monitor your servers very well.
  • You add protection to your modification by using this software
  • This software gives you ready made templates

System requirements to run this Software

To start out you will need  to have MYSQL and PHP with a windows or Unix server. You must make sure that you install the latest version of MYSQL and PHP installed.

Now a lot of people live under the misconception that his software is quite difficult to install. Well on the other hand it is quite easy to install unlike some other software that are available. You can install this software through Fantastico or you may feel free to consult other tutorials on the internet to install the software. Most of the tutorials found on the internet are broken down into easy steps that you can follow to install the software very easily. After you have finished installing the software you can start exploring the interface of the software to learn more about the features and the tools provided by the software.

To absorb the functioning of the tools you should spend sufficient amount of time with it. It is advisable not to rush through the learning process as there are tons of things that you can learn. As a first time user you may feel a little lost while using the various tools but with time you will get used to it and things will be fine.

After you have finished installing the software you can then start to configure the settings of the software to suit your purpose.

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