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4image gallery

Now if you have been on the lookout for a management system that lets you manage all your images on the internet; then you should go for 4images gallery. This is a fantastic application that has a wide range of features and very sophisticated tools that let you perform a wide range of activities. With this application you can upload many FTP images, comments and auto thumbnails. You will also be permitted to provide ratings to the pictures and even send them to some other person. This is an application that is browser based. This application is also password protected and supports GIF, PNG and JPG format images.

Some of the features to look forward to are the RSS feeds, and easy to handle installer, support in different languages and many functions that facilitate database functions. You also have access to the statistics and logging for each subcategory and category and you will also get facility for a description and title for all the category. As mentioned earlier that the application supports many formats; so the formats SMIL, PSD and 3GP are also very compatible with this application.  You can upload pictures using FTP and the administration panel. The application can also upload automatic thumbnails. You will not have much trouble in using the application as it has a very user friendly interface.

You have the permission to control comments for each individual picture that is uploaded. This application has a BB code and has spam control features too. The user will be able to log into the application  as an administrator and conduct various business functions. Therefore you can see that 4images gallery is a very useful application that allows you to do various things within a short time. So by installing this application your computer you cannot go wrong in anyway. You can use this application to design templates for your website. It is quite amazing to see that a simple application like this can give outstanding results.

A lot of people live with the misconception that this application is very difficult to install but it is not true. You can try to install this application through Fantastico. There are many tutorials available on the internet and they help you to install the application by simply following a series of easy steps. You can also use certain scripts to aid you in the process of installation.  Now after you have completed the installation process you should then start to look around and go through the various tools on the interface. There is a lot to learn so it is best that you spend a bit of time with the application. You may have difficulties in using 4images gallery in the beginning especially if you are a new user but do not worry as you will get used to it in no time.

After you feel confident that you know a lot about the application you can then configure the settings of the application as per your requirements.

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