All the things you need to know about phpList

phpListPhplist is a very useful software with a plethora of advanced features and tools that let you do a world of things within a short span of time. Now this article will teach you how you can install the software and how you can use it. Before we get in to the installation of phpList  you must make sure that the web host you use supports PHP and MYSQL. You will also need free space of about 10MB. The version of PHP that will be used should be 4.3 or higher. Experts always suggest that this should used on Linux servers combined with Apache.

The process to install phpList

Well to install phpList you can take the help of professionals who will not only install the software for you but also configure it for you. However most of these professionals will charge a whole lot of money for  and if you want to save that then you can install the software by yourself.  To install the software by yourself you will need to consult tutorials that wil guide you through the entire process. The tutorial could be a written one or a video tutorial. Most of the content mentioned in the tutorial is broken down into a number steps that are very easy to understand, so even a person from a non technical background can install the software without any problems.

Get familiar with phpList

After you have finished installing the software you can then start to go through the interface and look at the various tools. There is a lot that you can learn. So do not rush through the learning process as you can miss out on some important aspects related to the software. As a first timer you may have a bit of  trouble using the software but after a couple times you will get used to it and things will work out just fine.

Once you feel that you are confident about using the various tools provided in the software you can then tweak the features as per your requirements.

Now how do you use phpList

Firstly you have to log in to the interface using your admin username and password ; after that you should mention an email address ion case you want notifications regarding update. Then you can go through the lists of various other links that have the various functions listed. You can also feel free to consult other tutorials to learn how to use the software to the best. In this case you should try to locate a video tutorial that will teach you how to use the software to the fullest. There is  a section that allows you to communicate with your subscribers by sending them messages which is fantastic.

So by now you have understood that phpList is a very useful software that can give you great results provided it is used properly. So try to follow the tips in this article and will not go wrong in any circumstance.

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