OpenX for New Age Advertisements OpenX, an open source advertising server, is new software for advertisement campaigning for those working in house and through third party sources. The software is licensed by GNU. For accumulating statistics through tracking system this software performs proficiently. Also, for the task of incorporated banner management, the software helps the … [Read more...]



Be in time for all that is important…maintain a WebCalender Are you one of those internet users, who need to be online often, are you one of those users, who forget their tasks which are often left written in diaries and notebooks, or is it you who forget your near and dear one’s birthdays and anniversaries under excess work pressure. Well, you are not an exception. This is a … [Read more...]



Moodle LMS Connector helps to make online courses much easier It is no secret that Moodle Learning Management Solution is an open sourced software that is very popular and widely used by educational and academic organizations. This particular software can be installed without paying anything at all so it is used by institutes that teach students and professionals. The Moodle … [Read more...]