Best Features in Cheap PHP Hosting

PHP Hosting is a scripting language for web development which is preferred by almost every web master because it provides opportunity to create dynamic web pages without any hassle. This scripting language is supported by each and every operating system. Most of the unique and essential features in PHP hosting are available at free of cost due to its open source platform. You can implement most of extra ordinary features just by adding their “PLUGINS” in your website.

As it is more reliable and preferable web development scripting language, thus most of webmasters used it to develop their website. There are several reasons other than its open source reliability; some of those are as follows:

  1. PHP scripting language is simpler and less loader thus the loading time of a website become minimized.
  2. PHP scripting supports most of PLUGINS.
  3. PHP scripting allows you to change it according to your demand.
  4. PHP Scripting language is supported by every hosting server.
  5. 5.       Cheap PHP Hosting

These are just few from a huge list of its advantages but I think these are sufficient to explore the value of PHP scripting and its hosting.

Cheap PHP Hosting is a new phenomena in PHP hosting and due to occasional time period, it seems like a complementary feature of PHP Hosting.

How we select Best and Cheap PHP Hosting?

Selecting a best and cheap PHP hosting is a challenge for the customer because hosting industry is a vast industry and having more than 300 hosting providers. Each providing different specification and different services but who is the best that’s a question for everyone and because of that numerous times a customer chooses a wrong hosting company and then suffers with different issues like: improper services, incomplete commitments and etc.

Here I mention some important and required features that a hosting provider should include in their hosting package and a customer should notice them before selecting anyone. Those aspects are as follows:

  1. Uptime: This is an important aspect in PHP hosting because user’s experience depends upon the uptime of your website. How frequently is you website loaded this impacts more on user’s mind rather implementing more images and videos in your website.
  2. Disk Space: This is main aspect because the size of your website and your content can’t exceed from the limit of your disk space. If your website is content rich than you should choose unlimited or high volume disk space.
  3. Bandwidth: The rate of data transfer between two parties is known as bandwidth and it’s an important aspect in website hosting because loading and uploading depends upon the limit of data transfer.
  4. Additional Guarantee: Some companies are providing money back guarantee for their customers; this will impact over their mind and increase their reliability as well.
  5. Price: This is the main aspect behind choosing best and cheap PHP hosting provider. Some best companies providing their services at very cheap cost with best features.

Best Companies for Cheap PHP Hosting

Amongst numerous hosting providers, there are 5 best companies for cheap PHP hosting as follows:

  1. Bluehost: One of the best and cheap PHP hosting providers in hosting industry. It provides its services in just $3.95 per month with unlimited data transfer, unlimited disk space, unlimited domain hosting, free 1 domain registration and anytime money back guarantee.
  2. Webhostinghub: In just $3.99 per month, it is providing unlimited hosting (unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting and etc), Hub touch (unlimited money back guarantee, personal on-boarding process, 24/7 technical support and etc), Flexible and secure mail and free tools.
  3. Arvixe: According to features Arvixe web hosting company lies on third position in best companies for cheap PHP hosting but in all respect it counts as top most hosting provider with unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited email accounts, free domain for life with 60 days money back guarantee and for that it charges only $4.00 per month for personal class and for business class it is $22.00 per month.
  4. Inmotion: At just $4.89 per month, Inmotion web hosting providing unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, free domain, 2 MySQL database, unlimited backups and many more with 90 days money back guarantee.
  5. IXwebhosting: It is entertaining its customers with 1 free domain registration, 1 dedicated IP, anytime money back guarantee, 99.9% uptime, unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer unlimited domain hosting and many more essential features, in just $3.36 per month.
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Secure PHP Server for Shared Hosting

When it comes to Php shared hosting everyone is using secure php server.  The main reason for such loyalty is that Php shared hosting is not expensive at all and locating a service provider that gives Php hosting is not a very difficult job after all.

Php shared hosting is not expensive at all in fact it uses Linux servers. A recent survey revealed that Php shared hosting should not cost more than five dollars on a monthly basis and the services are quite good too. The charges may go up or down depending on the conditions of the market. As a customer you must always make sure that you have the latest and updated version of PHP. Most of the previously released versions have bugs that hamper proper functioning. To run simple scripts on Php shared hosting you do not require any application or database and maybe at some later stage you may have to use MYSQL.  You should know that Php shared hosting is quite affordable so it is good news that you can curb your expenses to a certain extent.

Now most services providers offer contracts on a yearly basis, quarterly or half yearly basis. A good Php shared hosting will offer you the option of transferring unlimited data you will also get unlimited space. You can use scripts like PHP, Perl and python. You will also get the services of adding unlimited Domains.

Now the internet is filled with various service providers but you should hire only reputed companies. Do a certain amount of research on the internet; do not rush into things simply because the price is super cheap as it is something that you may regret in the future.

Advantages of using Php shared hosting

Since this is open source the cost of hosting is very low and so most companies are now using this on a regular basis.

This is very compatible with HTML pages and you do not have to use any other plugins or any other software.

This is very compatible with many operating systems and it also supports many databases such as MSSQL, MYSQL and oracle. So you see that this makes this hosting very independent and compatible with any environment.

With Php shared hosting you can enjoy high level of security, so your website will be safe from hackers and viruses. You can also configure the amount of security that you want depending on the requirements of your website. With this type of hosting you can enjoy good speed and your website will load faster

Flexibility is another advantage that you can enjoy by using Php shared hosting, since this is open sourced you can add features of your own. This is also quite compatible with the common modules such as Calendar, PDF and Flash.

So by now you may have understood that Php shared hosting can provide a wide range of features and you can use them to your advantage, so follow the tips given in this article and you should have no trouble.

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PHP-Nuke Hosting – Reliable, Affordable with Quality

The internet has emerged as a powerful tool over the last few years at it facilitates people and business organizations to carryout business operations with a larger market within a very short period of time. Now most companies have their own hosting service providers that allow them to host websites.

Now what you should know is that not all hosting service providers provide good services so you have to exercise a lot of caution in selecting the best one of the lot. The good news is that php nuke hosting is now available to take care of all the hosting activities by businesses or individuals. This hosting is very reliable and enables your website to load and function fast. Since it is fast  it is used by many developers to add additional features and therefore the number of modules have increased quite a bit.

Now this article will show you as to why you should use php nuke hosting to host your website.

Firstly everyone is out to cut cost in their business operations and that is where php nuke hosting ranks first. Since it lowers cost this is used by many companies all over the world. Simplicity is another thing that you will enjoy if you avail php nuke hosting.

Php nuke hosting provides complete platform independence so it is quite compatible with operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. Databases like MSSQL, MYSQL and Oracle are supported by this hosting. So this hosting can perform in any environment.

The security level provided is quite commendable too so that means that you will be able to steer clear of hackers and the various viruses that do rounds on the internet. You also have the liberty to increase the level of security as the requirements of the website.

Since php nuke hosting utilizes minimum resources you will not feel any slowing down of the website at any point of time. With this you can be rest assured that website will load a lot faster.

Since PHP is flexible so with php nuke hosting you can add a lot of other features  without any hesitation. This is also very compatible with some of the most common types of modules such as Calendar, PDF and flash. For successful hosting compatibility with these modules is a must. Since php nuke hosting is compatible with other modules the developer does  not  have to spend more time in developing other new modules.

The above mentioned advantages are not enough the services provided by  php nuke hosting are quite user friendly and cannot be overlooked at anytime. It is no surprise that this hosting service provider is used widely by businesses all over the world. As mentioned earlier you should exercise a little bit of caution while selecting a service provider to host your website. Try to go for a well reputed company, do some research over the internet and try to locate names.

Try to follow tips in this article as they will give a clear concept on php nuke hosting.

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WebHostingBuzz PHP Hosting review

Introduction to the Company

Webhosting buzz was founded back in the year 2002; offer their best web hosting services to all their clients, customers, all over the world. Variety of hosting services are offer by them such as VPS Hosting services, Reseller hosting, Dedicated server hosting and web hosting services. Its offices are located in the United States of America and Europe, which ensure that the provider is serving well to their clients. It has a very good reputation, as it is a reliable provider and offers good support to their clients.


Webhosting buzz offers several web hosting plans such as buzz light buzz premier and buzz power to their clients or customers which include features such as lightning fast speed, FTP Accounts, MYSQL Databases, unlimited bandwidth, add on domains, unlimited e-mail accounts and many more. Other companies features include daily backups, Linux hosting, Google Ad words and Google Ad words Express vouchers (2 x $100 values) – US & CA Ad words accounts only. In buzz power and buzz premier packages, unlimited disk space, unlimited add on domains are offer to the clients and in buzz light, 1 add on domain and 4000 GB of disk space each month is offer to their clients or customers. In VPS hosting plan, they offer you 1GB of RAM, 500 GB of bandwidth, and 40 GB of disk space and 1 CPU. They allow their customers to choose the operating system and control panel of their choice as per their need. Their PHP hosting is one more reason for their customers to engage with their PHP hosting. It gives more reliability and security to their data and ease too.


The products which are offer by the webhosting buzz provider are Dedicated IP (Internet protocol), Reseller hosting, shared hosting, and VPS hosting, dedicated server and PHP hosting.


In terms of security, SSL Certificate is also provided by the provider to their clients or customers to ensure the security of their web site. This may help the clients to protect their web site from being hacked by hackers and from viruses, Trojan horse, worms and others. Through this certificate, your website may be secure to a certain extent, as it provides you with virus scan features, secure data centre environment and hardened web servers.

E-Mail features

There is various e-mail features offer by the provider to their clients or customers such as Webmail, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Spam filters and allow you to receive 500 e-mails per hour. Through these features, you may get the good support in terms of your mails.


The provider uses very fast, reliable and powerful web servers, Intel Xeon which ensures the clients that they are using good hosting services and thus their performance is also very well. As the company provides Php hosting, php based websites provides very high speed.


The Webhosting buzz provider offers all their customers 99.9% guaranteed network up time. They also offer the guarantee to their customers of the refund of their full money within 45 days, if their clients or customers are not satisfied with their services. This ensures safety of their money and it is not in the wrong hand.


Several web hosting plans offer by the webhosting buzz are available at a very cheap price which starts from $4.95 per month. At such price, it is easily affordable by many of their customers, to avail the services of web hosting for their websites.

Customer Support

The provider offers all their customers 24 hrs support. Customers may interact with the customer care through live chat, telephone and e-mail which is US and European based support. They offer technical support as they are having technical expertise that are having sound knowledge and other customer care executives who are well trained, thus resolve the technical and other kinds of problems of their customers on very fast basis and gain customer satisfaction.

Other Support

Customers also receive other types of support, other than customer support from the provider which include live chat, ticket system, and support on phone and with this some additional support in terms of languages, security and database. It support various programming languages such as PHP 5+, CGI-Bin, Perl 5+, Zend Optimizer, Image Magick, GD, cURL and also support various databases such as MySQL 5+, MySQL Databases and PHPMyAdmin.The company’s hosting supports, Ubuntu, Fedora,Debian, Gentoo, Open SUSE and CentOS among others.

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cURL enabled PHP Hosting and its features

cURL Enabled PHP Hosting

Hosting industry is an unpredictable and continuously updating industry in which you will get new things and new techniques time to time. This will help you to modify your current working style and produce more reliable product to your customers. As we know that hosting can be done in two ways either windows server or Linux server.

In Linux Server, security and affordable prices are two major aspects that attract a user more and with latest plug-ins and updates, its accessibility increases day by day. Currently a new term changes the concept of accessing the other servers and this is known as cURL.

cURL is Client URL (Universal Resource Locator), which is used in PHP to connect and communicate to different numerous servers with different kind of protocols. PHP is using libcurl for that purpose and currently that libcurl supports http, https, ftp, gopher, telnet and Idap protocol. For using curl functions in PHP, you need to enable it and after enabling you can easily access all functions of curl in PHP.

To enable curl in PHP hosting, the provider or the owner need to install latest version of curl library (libcurl) and after installation, they need to enable it through some codes for accessing other options of cURL’s. Several companies in hosting industry provides free cURL enabled PHP hosting for their customers like: arvixe, siteground, ipage, A2hosting, Fatcow, mt, hostpapa and many more.

Essential Features of cURL Enable PHP Hosting

In PHP hosting, hosting companies provide some essential features with their every hosting plan and some of them are as follows:

1. Free curl enable PHP hosting : one major and required hosting feature that allows us to connect and communicate with other severs and other protocols as well. If you are a technical person then you can understand its library functions but for layman, it can be used through enabling their library.

2. CPanel : Most common feature or major essential feature that should be provided by every hosting company. This is important because cPanel works as a bridge in between assembly or code language and high level or human language. It gives complete authority to the owner to manage their website according to their requirement.

3. Customer Support : It is not considered as a part of hosting but it is essential for resolving hosting issues of customers. In hosting industry, most of the companies provide 24/7 customer assistance but this is not necessary to follow for all hosting companies. Some companies moderate their customer support service according to their hosting packages.

4. Multi Support Server : This is an essential requirement of every customer that their hosting server should support Joomla, Drople, WordPress, MySql, PHP and Linux. These are some most famous and preferable website making techniques and mostly used in Linux hosting.

5. Money Back Guarantee : This is an additional attraction for customer that if they are not satisfied with their existing hosting provider than they will claim for money back in some limited time duration. Some companies offer 30 days whereas some offers 45 days money back guarantee. Providing such additional features with standardize or essential features, improves company’s reliability amongst their customers.

6. Email Server : With their hosting plans, customers want email facility for recognizing their authority with that particular website. The domain named email addresses increases the value of their identity in between authorize websites and search engines as well.

These are some essential or required features that are needed with every hosting plan. Most of them are provided by every hosting firm but some of them are not like : cURL enabled PHP hosting is not provided by each and every hosting firm. Some charged for it and some provides it as an included function.

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