Shared Hosting Advantages and Disadvantages

Shared Hosting – Advantages and Disadvantages

The proper knowledge about the advantage and disadvantage of shared hosting can make the required changes so far the website making and controlling are concerned. There are a lot of companies all over the world which are trying to spread their business. But presently the offline market has become too saturated. For this reason the companies are trying their best to invent new strategies to widen the platform of their promotion. In this connection they are looking for the online market where they can look for a vast opportunity of promoting their brands to the customers online.

It is true that the online customers visit the websites and advertisements more than they do offline. So this is a great opportunity for the companies where they can redefine themselves. They are making various websites of their own where they can project their products. However they are presently depending on the good quality websites for the proper kind of shared hosting. However one should have a proper knowledge about the advantage and disadvantage of shared hosting. For a proper knowledge of the matter it is important that the companies contact with the proper kind of experts. This is the reason that most of the companies worldwide have their own team of experts who provide them with all kinds of information regarding the advantage and disadvantage of shared hosting. According to those inputs the companies make their future web site hosting strategies. In this process the companies make the excellent developments in their business.

There are several matters regarding the advantage and disadvantage of shared hosting. One of the best or advantageous parts of the shared hosting is that the cost of this hosting service is the lowest and for that reason it is easy to make the best works out from it in the cheapest price. At the same time the companies have to think the least regarding the cost reduction of the promotional part. All kinds of sectors all over the world can afford to have shared hosting services for this reason.

The shared hosting services are also very useful in this respect that through this hosting the websites can come live within twenty four hours of registering. So those companies which are in the need for fast launching of their websites can do the work fast. In low price such a quality service is hardly obtainable in any other kind of hosting services. This is another reason why the companies are so much willing to have the shared hosting services.

Among the disadvantages the first thing that comes is the process of stability. This service is not stable enough always. Many a times the companies face problems because of that. The process of taking the backup of the website data is also a very hard and time taking process. Considering all these aspects the companies take the services. At the same time the companies usually have to use in this service the dynamic IP which is very risky in handling. Having all these knowledge regarding the advantage and disadvantage of shared hosting is very useful for them.

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Cheap web hosting with free domain

Web Hosting

Every webpage, email, folder or online service is stored on a computer that is linked to the Internet. This service of storing that provides Internet users with online systems for storing information, images, video, or any content available using the web. It is also called as “web hosting” or “hosting”. The web hosting plans have been selected for their low cost while still providing good value and service. These offers are well suitable for hosting your first web site or blog.

If you are unsure or just want a shortcut, we recommend you pick In Motion for a business website and iPage for all other situations…

Cheap Web Hosting with Free Domain Name

Web hosting providers know that you don’t want to pay much for a host, with free domain name.

  • A Name with a hurry: don’t add a dash to your website domain name. It may seem like a excellent idea, but dashes are tough for people to remember. Some free hosting sites will provide you with a site, but take a pass. It is far superior to use “Camel Case” domain names.
  • The Very short Name: shorter domain names are easier to remember, but a domain name that’s too short can just be puzzling.
  • Free, free, free! Not so fast. In the domain name world, free isn’t accurately free. Call the company to make sure, and double sure, that you own your domain name. Make confident you can take it with you when (and if) you decide to move domains. If not, purchase your own.
  • Computer generated name- Some companies will provide you with a domain name that is computer generated. You don’t want this kind of a name. You want to create a name that works with your location and your business.
  • Paying a premium- host will provide you with a domain name that’s all wrapped up in a pretty hosting tie together a cheap one. Well, the problem here is that you may be paying a lot more for that name that’s part of the enclose deal. Domain names aren’t that costly to purchase, so see where the packaged name weighs in financially.


Most Trusted Webhosting Providers with their features and prices

  1. Inmotion Hosting- 2 Websites on Account

                                  6 Domains Supported

                               25 Add. Sub Domains

                          Price -    $ 5.59 /month

  1. Arvixe Web Hosting – Free site builder,

                     Free Domain, UNLIMITED

                     Disk space Bandwidth

                    Price -$ 4 /month

  1. Host Metro- Disk space Unlimited

                      Bandwidth Unlimited

                       Domains Unlimited,

                         Price $ 2.45 /month

  1. Webhosting Pad- UNLIMITED Bandwidth

                                UNLIMITED Disk space

                                open Domain

                             Price- $ 1.99 /month

  1. I page- UNLIMITED Bandwidth

             UNLIMITED Disk space

             Free Domain

             Price- $ 1.99 /month

Domain hosting refers to businesses that focus in hosting domain names for persons and companies. Domain names are used in URLs to recognize particular Web pages.

Domain hosting is often used synonymously with Web hosting as many domain hosting companies offer both services in one package, but domain names can be hosted by themselves or in mixture with Website hosting, email hosting, game hosting and so on.

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Check list or points to see in web hosting review

With so many Web hosting company’s available in the market how can you ensure that the one you are opting for is the most reputable one.  The choice is really difficult and what guarantee the Web Hosting company gives to you that ensures that the company you are choosing will not hold your files ransom when you want to switch to some other web hosting company unsatisfied with the one that you opt for in the first place. Or a question as a crucial as that you will be in full control of your account at all the times during your partnership with the web hosting company. The web hosting review available on the interweb answers these question to a point and help you eliminate the wrong choices which might sound fruitful from the brochure or the company’s profile on its web portal. A few pointers will definitely help you to zero in the right option for you and advancement of your business.

a)      Before you start looking for a web hosting service provider review make sure that you list out your own requirements on the table. The review would mark a checklist so that you can see that the features you are looking for are available with the service provider or not and can be easily checked and marked.

b)      Next thing on the line is to see whether or not an easy site builder is available with the Web hosting company if you are not familiar with the programming or anything about site development. But  while reading a review check on points like transfer of ownership do look into that the web hosting company gives full control of the site as when you want to shift web hosting company you do not have to bear the pain of getting your site rebuilt.

c)       Dig deeper and look for options like cPanel, ispCP, or ISPConfig that enables you to set a blog or a forum for you in case you cannot handle technicalities like FTP (file transfer protocol). In case your business is small and you don’t want to end up doing complex things cPanel or ispCP comes in as a real good option and save lots of hassles.

d)      A crucial point to look into a review is also of an email through the domain name of the web portal. Look for a web hosting company that offers unlimited auto repsonders, pop mailboxes and email aliases etc which every business portal needs in order to communicate with an existing and potential client and for makes your company looks more professional.

e)      Like a good manager handles the internal affairs smoothly the same way look for a better manger for your files. Investigate how the uploading is done, FTP is one of the best managers for the big corporate houses and for non technical business groups out there that is definitely a point to be noted in the web hosting review.

f)       Look for a whether the web hosting service offers Linux or Windows server; Linux is generally less expensive to buy and operate, more stable and secure in comparison to the Windows one. Moreover the Linux comes with free Open Source apps like shopping carts, forums and blogs which save your pocket.

g)      Check for interactive features with an access to the CGI-BIN directory. The directory carries out the script for the site and is called the backbone for the functionality of your portal as all functions like filling out a form or using chat room are run of one script or another  and an interactive site becomes an inseparable part.

h)      Check for security because that’s what your potential clients are looking for. Security ranks high wherever money is concerned and so look for a web hosting service that offers SSL certificate to use as a payment getaway such as Paypal or Google Checkout both of which provides secure pages without technical skills.

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How To Finalizing a Web Hosting Company

  How To Finalizing a Web Hosting Company for your web portal

Finalizing a web hosting company for your web portal feels like a pretty difficult task with so many service providers promising to offer you the moon and freebies that might lure you in the wrong direction. A web portal is the most crucial thing for your business and opting for a work web hosting company can ruin your image beyond repair. A right decision in this direction will always mark your business as an upscale one as the potential customer has everything in line and clearly portrayed to see in the site. Amidst the plentitude of options available in the web hosting services these days, the consumer choice has been made easy as one can narrow down a few options with the help of genuine reviews available on the interweb and look for the side by side comparisons that state the overall score of a domain hosting service provider to take the entire comparison into account. Comparison between the price, web space and key factors also falls into account while choosing the paramount amongst the best web hosting service in the lot.

To begin with the all the top ten ranking companies like InMotion, iPage, Hostgator, all offers features like 24x 7 technical support via email or phone or 99.9% uptime guarantee and PHP 5 and My SQL5 database support. Also on board come the features like multiple POP3 and IMAP email accounts, unrestricted FTP access with multiple FTP accounts, website stats, viruses and spam protection along with CGI, Perl, SSL support and cherry on the cake is the 30 days money back guarantee. So, the question arises how to opt for the best amongst the most excellent domain hosting providers available.

There is no definite method of doing so but a series of tests through which you can rank the best service providers in the internet town, now the parameters are needed to drawn and an account has been created with the services to test them meticulously and mark them on the services they promise to offer in terms of richness, reliability, speed, technical support and other crucial features that every web hosting company promises from the excellent lot but how many of them actually brings excellence on plate is revealed only through a thorough check.

Best services when you talk about money hails from the web hosting company called iPage, has now in account more than 1 million websites. The service package is as low as $1.99/month and also Google AdWords, Yahoo and Facebook Ads credits and easy installing blog scripts, eCommerce platforms, or picture galleries offers. This domain hosting service comes with free Yellow pages listing which enhances your site visibility instantly. The SSL and advanced e-mail and FTP security plus features added to the overall package make it a cherry on the pie package. The money back guarantee is 30 days and there is vDeck control panel and e-mail boxes and MySQL database setup, domain name manipulation, web mail, access logs, a file manager comes as standard. Blog platforms like CMS, online shops, forums, photo galleries, social networking plug-in are all available and the technical support system is extremely responsive with all your queries.

Hostgator, one of the best support system available today was first launched in the year 2002 is now on one of the best ranking web host service provider, the cost is minimal with  $3.96/month for a three-year package and the comes with 45 days money back guarantee. Reliability is super with the average response time going among 0,247 is the best. The control panel provided by Hostgator is cPanel and the regular updates are done to avoid potential vulnerabilities. To train a new user to control the system is very easy and shortcuts are grouped, you can virtually do anything that you want and PHP, Perl and Ruby libraries offer additional functionality. The response from the support system team is superb with answers to the question raised replied quickly and professionally.

Both iPage and Hostgator comes across as extremely good options, iPage wins the deal with the pricing and the SEO features which are not provided at such basic pricing and the offer in line speaks of better visibility with search engines as soon as the site is launched definitely wins the brownie points and bags the best web hosting service in the world.

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Advanced Poll

Now vote online…check out Advanced Poll

advanced pollIt is very rare that we do not have any say in any matter. Most of the times we are afraid to speak in public; scared that anything bitter if said, may lead to the occurrence of any personal loss. Often due to this fear many critical issues remain subdued and may prove to be harmful for the society in the long run. These concerns have lead to the formation of the polling or voting system. But as known, polling is a very cost intensive process and can only be afforded by public bodies like the government. If you are looking to arrange a poll to get the views of public, it id no more an unrealistic knowledge and can be performed online via some wonderful software applications like the Advanced Poll.

This wonderful application is an inevitable tool for you if you are interested in conducting an online poll. This tool facilitates you to conduct multiple polls at a time, thus saving your time and you can submit lot of survey results at the same time. This software application facilitates you to change the layout of your poll with the template of your preference. Another important feature of this application is that it prevents any duplicate poll submission. This application has the power to track IP addresses and is enabled with IP locking system. With this polling system you can get the opinions of public not only from local areas but also from any nook and corner of the world as this poll supports many languages. This application also has the feature of poll expiry.

Advanced Poll uses the most advanced programming language of present times that is PHP. It stores data in MySQL database and text files. You can control the complete polling under the administration privilege. It supports Ajax interaction which is fast and the default settings are customizable. You as an administrator can control the number of voters you want, you can delete the votes you want and view each other’s vote as well. This poll enables you to configure from basic polls to approval voting, borda count to instant runoff voting. Advanced Poll is a pride of any website, be it for commercial use or educative use as it creates a bridge between the developers of the website to the visitors of the site. Storage and bandwidth is theoretically unlimited with this web hosting application. You can even get a free domain with this poll system. You can conduct multiple polls on a single page.

Advanced Poll should be your first preference if you are looking for a simple and great product. Its multi- poll feature helps you to deliver work before time; creating a great impression in your job field and saving your time. This is a time saving tool for you as well. If you are thinking of a survey to be conducted visiting people round you, it is obviously both time consuming and expensive. In a modern world where you are using internet for fun and entertainment then why not for your academic and official needs. Try out this wonderful online polling system and feel then pulse of your people.

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Form a structured public opinion…use LimeSurvey

LimeSurveyPublic opinion is a very powerful word. Be it centuries back or in modern times, public opinion has always gained importance and has revolutionized the way of living. Survey is a way to get public opinion. There are many subjects on which it is vital to get public opinion but people are afraid to voice out their opinion in public. In these scenarios surveys are very crucial. Whenever we speak of any survey, the picture that comes in our mind is a bevy of girls or a group of boys with pen and paper in hand, moving from door to door, with a list of questions, asking people about the same and then noting down the same on paper. This is a time consuming and costly process. With the advent of internet, these types of surveys are no more preferred unless it is too essential. Online surveys like LimeSurvey are used to get the feel of people via internet.

LimeSurvey helps in taking online surveys and comes with several beneficial features. This application comes with customizable templates which helps you keep the control of your survey interface. This online application helps you to list unlimited number of questions and unlimited number of participants can attain this survey. The survey token system prevents duplicate participants and you can classify questions into twenty types, like open ended and close ended questions. You can form branch questions as well depending on the previous answer given by the participant. The survey interface is kept simple with different interfaces for participants and administrator. You can control and edit the application only after logging in with the administrator id and password. It is very effective in management surveys as its cookies and repeated participants prevention helps in prevent data tampering. In the academic sphere, you may prepare online questions and participants can answer both easy type and objective questions as per the requirement.

LimeSurvey is an online application and hence cannot be downloaded on any computer and cannot be used offline. In order to use this application, the server used must have PHP language compatibility and MySQL database for data storage. It can be accessed on any present day web browser. It supports over 30 global languages making the application acceptable at any corner of the world. This means that you can get answers to your survey from people residing at any part of the world. If you are facing any issue using this application, no need to worry, as this population application is the centre of discussion in wiki, forums and support is also available on the official website of LimeSurvey; Another unique feature of this application is that, it can be used to track voting irregularities as well.

LimeSurvey is an open sourced web application and hence can be used freely without paying any charge. Thus, switch to this wonderful application and feel the pulse of the people surrounding you. Be it for academic use, management use or commercial use, it is the first priority of any regular internet user.

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All the things you need to know about phpESP

A little introduction to phpESP

PhpESPPhpESP is nothing but a very useful set of scripts that even allow people from non technical backgrounds to create certain online surveys that help to collect valuable data. This is an application that is very elaborate and at the same time it can be installed very easily. This application is designed to handle big surveys that may have hundreds of questions. To get the best out of the application you must use a MySQL database.

This application is very user friendly and has a nice interface which is user friendly and has very sophisticated tools and features that allow you to do a world of things. With this application you edit or maybe copy a survey, you may also put the survey through a test before it is released. With this particular application you will have the freedom to the settings to access the surveys. PhpESP has features that will allow you to cross analyze and carry out cross tabulation; all of this makes the task for you a lot easier. The application also has a survey report that you are allowed to view from time to time. The good thing about PhpESP is that it has features that help you take care of individuals or groups.

The installation of PhpESP

This application is quite easy to set up and run.  You can consult many installation tutorials over the internet. Most of the content in the tutorial is broken into easy to follow steps that even a non technical person can install the software.

Now you must follow the steps in the exact order as mentioned in the tutorial to get proper results. After you have installed the software it is wise if you spend a bit of time with the application to learn the functions of the various tools.  Take your time in exploring the interface, to learn about the usage of the various tools you can consult some other tutorials. You can feel free to consult either written tutorials or video tutorials. After you feel that you are able to use the software you can start out by configuring the settings of the applications as per your own requirements.

What does PhpESP actually do?

The management interface controls the core of the software, this is where groups and individuals perform many activities. The interface is really user friendly and you can get started right after you log in. All the links are available so that you can carry out your tasks well. As a user you have the liberty of posting the results of the survey.

Now it is not tough to set up a survey, you can begin the process by clicking on create and this will open up the first tab of the survey design procedure. You can also consult separate tutorials when it comes to setting up PhpESP.  So to get the best  out of the software follow the tips in this article very closely at all times.

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