Joomla 1.5

Own the magic wand…try Joomla 1.5

Joomla-1.5We all have our views and thoughts; we love to share our thoughts with our friends and colleagues, near and dear ones; but have you ever tried to share your thoughts with the world, may be not, may be yes. Expressing your thoughts to the world is not a real tough factor with the advent of internet. Just create your website and make it your web home. But website management requires some important tasks like managing the content and the layout, which we feel to be tough for us as we are not computer experts. We feel that managing a website requires lot of HTML and programming knowledge, which is in real not true. We have several content management systems in place which are always there to help us in managing our websites. Let us check out such a content management tool today, that is, the latest version of Joomla 1.5.

Joomla 1.5 is the recent addition in the family of Joomla series and comes with lot of modern features and facilities. It helps to make your website look good and organized. This tool consists of some great features like enough number of templates that you can use in your website depending on the purpose of your website, be it a blog or an ecommerce website. You can customize the different pages of your website supported by this software with different templates, that is, this application helps you to add different templates to different pages. The layout and the content are considered separate in this application. Thus when you make any change to the content it does not require to change the template as well. The core system of this software can be extended and hence you can add external add-ons with this software.

If you are running an ecommerce website, it is very necessary for you to make your website look and feel secured; else no customer will be confident enough to enter their personal and card details at your website. Joomla 1.5 ensures that security of your website is maintained. There are facilities like registration on the site is mandate to experience some special facilities, every time someone is trying to make any payment, they need to log in. the mass mail option helps you to interact to many visitors or members of your website at a time. you can send a common mail to all of them at one time; hence saving your time and effort. The user notes option helps you to provide special offers to your premium and registered users. You can have special discounts for them which when they log in with their own id and password to your website, can only be viewed.

Joomla 1.5 is based on PHP language, written in object-oriented PHP language. It uses MySQL and SQL Microsoft for its data storage. This is an open sourced application. The support provided by Joomla 1.5 develop team is really great. They provide you complete support via their website whenever you face any issue using this software. There is a magazine of this application where you will find news about later versions of this wonderful application. Thus, it may be said that this is a very interactive and structured creation of Joomla developers and must be tried out at least once.

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Let your site rock with Joomla

JoomlaAre you a frequent internet surfer??? Does there never exists a day when you do not get online??? Then why not be a member of the web family with your own website??? Does this sound to be a great idea; it really is. Anyone can now be a part of the web family, which is by far the best global family. It is with the help of this concept of internet and web only that we claim that the world has turned into a global village. Many of us are skeptic about their success on the web business. The reason for this scare is that all of us are not computer experts. We feel that a huge knowledge of HTML and programming languages is a mandate to run a website. But the concept is totally wrong. With the advent of content management systems, website management has turned out to be lot more easier than we had expected it to be. Let us know Joomla to be more aware of the content management system.

Speaking about the technicalities, this software runs on the PHP language, written in object oriented PHP language and uses MySQL and MS SQL as the data store house. It is the one of the most popular web content management systems of present days. One or the advantages of using Joomla is that you need not pay anything for this wonderful application. It is open sourced, that is, it can be installed and used on any computer, it is free licensed. The minimum system requirements for this application is a complete operational web server like Apache or IIS.

The best part of this website is that its core system can be extended via installable add ons. Websites are always threatened by security concerns. This application comes with security issue fixation and security issue tracking abilities. Joomla lets you take complete control of your website. It keeps the customized data fields on top of regular data fields. Lets check how this system works. The first page that comes on installation is the admin page. On this page you get all the customization tools. The “maintenance” tool helps you to check the complete content and clear cache and delete temporary files. The “user” menu helps you to management features like formation of groups and saving of user notes. You even mass mail all your users at Joomla backend, which saves your time. You may even sort your users on the basis of registration dates,status and groups.

Thus be for office work, business, fun or social cause, this structured content management application helps you in all spheres. For example, with the mass mail option you can keep in touch with all your publishers and with user notes option you can extend special facilities for your registered and premium customers. Break the shackles today and apply Joomla to your website and turn global.

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Experience Zikula on your website

zikulaEcommerce is gaining importance in our lives. We are getting busier day by day, life is running at a fast pace. It becomes too tough even to purchase things from the market on weekdays and on off days we are not too eager to get out of the comfort zone of our home to shop. Shopping around has turned into a luxury. These factors have lead to the increasing importance of ecommerce. Ecommerce refers to the online shopping in common terms. Users purchase things online and get home delivery of them. Thus, if you are weaving a business idea in your mind, best is to open a website on the online market than a shop in your local market. But we are often under misconception that opening an ecommerce website requires excellent knowledge of computers; if you are also under the same impression, it is the right time for you to know about Zikula.

Zikula is a content management system. It is your business partner in your online shopping who assists you to build a wonderful website without asking any share of your profits. The best feature of this application is that it segregates the layout of the website and the content; which enables you to safely add, edit or remove any content without disturbing the template or in the same way, change the layout of the website without affecting the content. It comes with a modular structure. Add as many modules as required for your website; the first module by default is the tour page from where you can add modules like errors, FAQs, feeds, groups, header-footer, member list, news, themes, thumbnails and many more. If you are in a hurry and do not have enough time for customization, you can just choose from any three default themes available. Zikula supports over 36 international languages making your website globally accessible and acceptable.

As an admin, you have some special rights to customize and change anything on the site. These special rights can be viewed only if logged in as an admin. Zikula makes your site interactive with the facilities of adding posts and comments. You can check the popularity of your site via the member list. Last but not the least; this is a highly secure content management system. If you are using your website as a ecommerce website, it must be trusted else, there will not be many customers who will like to enter their card details on your website. This application ensures that your website is secure.

Earlier known as Post Nuke, Zikula has a magical touch to your name. It is an open source web application, which means you can install and download it free of cost on any computer. It is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL). It is written in objective oriented PHP language and stores its data in leading databases like MySQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL and Microsoft SQL. Moreover, you get hundred percent support from the community. They are ever willing to help you to use this software successfully and hence provide support free of charge. Thus, let this software give a magic touch to your website making it a grand success.

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Just concentrate on your web content…rest will be taken care by phpWCMS

phpWCMSWe love to know, we love to study, and we love to know the life of the people surrounding us. That still today the most popular way to know is to read.we love to read. It is the most reliable source of knowledge to us. But as time has changed a lot, our life style has also changed a lot. To seat idle in our garden chair reading our favourite novel, stories or a newspaper is a,thing of past and is considered as a sweet dream now; but it does not at all mean that we will stop reading. Our very near friend, the internet has come to rescue us from this crisis. We can read books online, write online. Hence internet gives us the golden opportunity to express our views online and gain knowledge. But have we ever thought which software is behind creating this magic. This wonderful software is known as content management system. Let us know about such a content management tool that has made our online reading and blogging a complete success, this software is named as phpWCMS.

The most preferred feature of any content management system is that it is expected to be enough flexible to be used on any operating system with any browser. PhpWCMS, as the name suggests works with the assistance of PHP language and stores its data at MySQL database. Use of these two popular language and database makes it flexible to work on any operating system with any web browser, be it Windows or Linux, or be it internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox. The another fact of delight regarding this application is that it is open sourced, that is, it can be used and downloaded by anyone free of cost. It is licensed under GNU General Public License which is a free license.

PhpWCMS is a wonderful software that gives you the freedom to do many things other than just structuring your website. This software keeps your website layout and content separate helps you in making any change of content easy. You get a glossary facility with this application that helps you to indexes your web content making viewing of contents easy. Glossary also gives an organized view to your website. This application facilitates you with the opportunity to add a shopping cart to your website. This makes life easy for your customers. They can add their preferred products in the shopping cart and buy them later. You can design every page of your website separately with the help of this application. There are numerous templates available to suit the content and mood of your website. The page layout wizard helps you in designing the web pages easily. You can add tables and custom your web pages. Each separate web page can be made unique by adding different template, glossary and shopping cart in each page.

Thus, phpWCMS is a smart web application made in keeping all your web content management issues in mind. From template based articles to redirection facilities to other web pages, this application is a must for smooth running of your website. Thus, switch to this smart content management system and get a popular website with comfort.

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Be it comics or movies…PHP-Nuke is there to help you

PHP-NukeInternet is not only a modem for business and corporate communication but also hugely popular among people who are looking for entertainment. Sitting at home idle, reading books with homely comfort is a story of past now. We are living in a hectic world now, life has turned busy. Now we read books on the go; laugh reading comics on the go and watch movies on the go as well. All these are possible because of the great software advancements that we are going through. PHP-Nuke is such an essential application which you need to develop any comic, movie or novels online which are popularly known as e-books.

PHP-Nuke is a flexible content management system that assists you in creating an impressive and dynamic website. The prime feature of this application is that it helps you to manage a website with hundreds of users as simply as you can manage a small website. Changes in this application can be made only by an administrator. You can change themes as frequently as you wish or may add functions as per requirement, but everything can be done just by an administrator log in. Thus, you can always be assured that using this application shuns any possibility of unwanted interruption and edit of your content and website. You can install modules, blocks and themes as needed. A forum can be added to make the website interactive. PHP-Nuke menus are editable by the administrator and hence help you in easily adding and removing content from the menu.

Many users prefer to check products online but buy it only after contacting the owner by calls or emails. PHP-Nuke lets you add a contact form to your website so that the users may inform you their query and issues and you may respond them back. This makes the website more responsive and enhances customer satisfaction. This software is also used to build up traditional blog websites. You can segregate your content and template as well. This enables you to change the template more frequently without affecting the content. Another crucial purpose that is accomplished by using this software is that it keeps your website stable and secure. Online transactions and interactions are threatened by hacking and other issues, which are looked after by this application. You may also add RSS newsfeed from another site in your website via this application and this addition is as simple as adding a new block.

Installation of PHP-Nuke is made easy and simple with the availability of several online tutorials. This software is an updated version of PHP-Nuke and guarantees more stability and security, as you can allow limited access to users and can create groups in each different module. It supports several languages and can be displayed on any browser supporting HTML transitional compliance. This is a very apt application not only for individual use but also for corporate and business houses. Thus, switch to this great application to run your website with ease with huge number of users and visitors.

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Do not adjust on the quality of content- switch to PhpWebsite

PhpwebsiteAre you aspiring to start a new business but have limited budget. None other than online business gives you the opportunity to start your business at a low budget. But many of us still have the misconception that though online business is low cost and popular, but it is tough to set up online business. This misconception is mainly due to the reason that most of us are internet lovers but not internet experts. We feel that to run an online business, we should have sound technical knowledge and complete knowledge of web designing. If you are one of these people who carry the above mentioned misconceptions with them, then its time for you to know about PhpWebsite. This application is can be used by corporations, universities and individuals as well due to its dynamic, flexible and robust design.

Some of the main features of PhpWebsite are document manager, announcements, menu manager, and photo album and block maker, consists of FAQ and is also a web page maker, pools and calendar. This software provides with web-based administration and has been made very simple so that users inexperienced in website administration can use it with ease. It provides with index facilities that indexes content available at different modules. It has lots of themes and layout to choose from which lets you change the layout of your website as frequently as you wish to. You can make your website interactive with this application. Visitors can post comments which ultimately help you to feel the pulse of your customers and their needs. You may notify your customers with special events and offers and discounts given on those special days with the help of event calendar featured with multiple schedules.

The installation of PhpWebsite installs only the core modules. If you want to add more modules to your website, you need to manually add them with the help of boost. Every module is unique in itself with different with its own files, folders, templates, version information and graphics. It has a single user account to which you can add administrative privileges. You can save templates with each theme. You can edit the templates with your own text and images and can even add HTML links. This application puts more stress on CSS layouts and is really an indispensable tool for users who aspire to create a beautiful website but does not possess enough knowledge of PHP.

PhpWebsite is a smart content management system founded by Web Technology Group of Appalachian State University. It has been developed by a group of PHP website developers from all around the world. It has been written in PHP programming language, making the application fast, simple and cross-platform. The best part of this application is that it is completely free and open sourced application and has been licensed by GNU GPL and GNU LGPL. The latest version of this application is 1.8.0. Thus, gone are the times to rush to consultants on what will be best for your website. Keep the control of your website with you and design your website in your own way, try PhpWebsite.

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Socialize in a different way…follow Siteframe

siteframeNo one can deny the famous saying, “pen is mightier than the sword”- yes, it is really so. Thoughts when well expressed are powerful enough to change a heart. In modern world, we see changes and get inspired by the same. At the same time many of us do dream to bring change as well. We all have our own say and we always aspire to express our feelings. We dream to make the world a better place to live in and this can never be done by force. Proper expression of feeling, capability of making people understand our good will and dreams can only change others’ hearts to bring the necessary changes. Blogging gives you this golden opportunity of expressing ourselves and thus Siteframe is so near to our hearts and minds.

Siteframe helps you to remain connected to your friends in this hectic life style. Sitting in cafes and canteens and spending time in chit chat is a matter of past now-a-days. But we can never stay and live isolated from our friends. This light weight content management system helps you to stay connected with your friends. This is the lifeline of any socializing website. This content management system is preferred and is popular among users as anyone can create content without having any knowledge of HTML or other programming language. The main uses of this application software are that it helps to share stories, photographs among friends. Emailing friends and participating in online events and group activities is possible through this software. It is a light-weight content management system. You can even create folders with the help of this software and organize your content keeping them in respective folders.

Besides photo share and emailing, another important task in which this software assists is blogging. One of the main gains of socializing online is that we can express our views freely and can share with all our friends and friends of friends. We get replies, likes and dislikes on our views which ultimately lead to the formation of public opinion. If you want to install Siteframe, you need to install fantastic software first. Thus, be it user profiling or blogging, sharing photographs or emailing, Siteframe is the lifeline of any socializing website. With lots of wonderful templates and a clean interface, this renews your friendship.

Speaking of technicalities this content management system is based on MySQL database and uses PHP script. It is licensed under Creative Common License. Siteframe is open-sourced and can be used by anyone. It is best to download and install this software via fantastico; if fantastico is installed on your desktop, the installation of this application can be done just with one click of your mouse. Just enter few details and this technical wonder will be there to assist you. This popular web hosting framework has online repository which you can refer to anytime if you face any problem in using it.

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TYPO3- The secret of a wonderful website

typo3Be it an official presentation, online job application or online shopping, life without web is incomplete. We always love to refer to various websites get a hint of what we want. The internet consists of numerous websites, which are dynamic and vivid. It is very true that we never want to visit a boring website. A colorless, dull website, disorganized and lacking in information is not visited more than once by a particular user and gradually loses its identity in the crowd of so many websites. As we regularly witness the stiff competition between shops in our local market place, the competition is no less among websites in the marketplace of ecommerce. Thus, to keep space with this dynamic market place, websites must be attractive and information. Just for this reason, the use of TYPO3 has become immensely crucial.

Introduced by Kasper Skarhoj, TYPO3 is now developed by two teams, namely, Oliver Hader and Robert Lemke. The prime use of TYPO3 is due to the fact that it helps you to deal with your web content separately from the design and layout of the website. One of the best gifts of this software is the easy template availability. The market is ever changing and change is the only constant factor in today’s world. It lets you change the template, design and layout of your website without harming the existing HTML and other files and contents. You can design each page of your website differently from the other with the help of this software miracle. Designing each page differently makes the design relevant to the content present on that specific page. You can synchronize your website and may add folders and pages with this software.

You need to be smarter to keep pace and outshine your competitors in the dynamic and competitive market. Website in itself is a global concept, people from all round the world get to visit your website and get to know your work. Therefore, the popularity of your website increases if it is multilingual. TYPO3 gives you the opportunity to set up a multilingual website and even with a single installation of this application you can manage multiple websites. Not only you get readymade templates with this software, but you may upload images, crop them and edit them as per need as well. The

automatic caching tool makes search of content faster. Its simple framework lets you update the site faster, indexes the content and manages the menu.

TYPO3 developers ensure that you can get enough support and assistance if there is any problem while using this software. It has a huge online library of tutorials, videos and books in several languages which you may refer anytime. Safety of your website is guaranteed by the control system that you may use to check the entry of users and access of your web content. Thus from customization of content, maintenance of website design to its security, it turns out to be the optimum solution of your content management Thus, it is of no doubt that use of TYPO3 makes your work smarter.

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TikiWiki CMS

The magic wand of the tech world…experience the TikiWiki magic


Our computer is no more a technology limited to official work or is no more just an assistant of a super brained scientist. It has just become the lifeline of our daily lives. Be it home or office, official tasks or just entertainment, our notebook or computer is present in all. Internet is our friend, philosopher and guide. We access internet through various browsers available across the web world. Now internet browser is just like our second home and it is very rare that we do not love to decorate it. Decoration of the internet browser in general terms is referred to as customization. When we customize our browser window, it is the TikiWiki software that helps us to do so. It is the paint brush of our imagination. Let us find out a bit more about this excellent software which has been downloaded over a million times till date.

This software is popularly known as tiki, has its complete name as Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. It started operating in 2002 and has gradually gained immense popularity as a content management system. The main components of this software are content creation and management tools, content organization tools, navigation aids, communication tools, communication tools and also administration tools. Due to its varied uses, TikiWiki is extremely popular now days and its popularity is proven by the membership count which exceeds 20,000 registered users and 3000 developers and has been downloaded over a million times. You may become a registered member of the TikiWiki community to be able to use this software at any website and your questions related to this software also get answered at the community website. You may even donate at this website so that this software can be developed.

Now is the time to answer the prime question, why should we use TikiWiki. The best part of this software is that it is completely free and open sourced software and is available in several languages, English being the default language. Thus, now you may customize your browser window so that every bit of it reflects your nature, your own. Themes are one of the most interesting parts of customization. As computers and internet is being used enormously, day in and day out, we always wish it to be vibrant and interesting. TikiWiki feels the same and hence brings to us infinite number of visual themes. Moreover, you may get instant help if you are facing any problem in using the software and may even offer assistance to someone facing any problem. Hence it is based on the motto of collaboration.

Speaking of technical features, it mainly works on PHP scripting language, MySQL or MariaDB database, Smarty template engine, jQuery, JavaScript library and Zend framework and is a Geospatial content management system. It has the capability to run on any operating system, be it Windows, Linux or Macintosh and is compatible with any browser. The software gets regularly updated, two times a year and installation is quick and easy. Thus, just try out TikiWiki once to get access to the world of new, vibrant features and tools that will present your browser window in a new look.

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All you need to know about Geeklog


A little introduction on Geeklog

Geeklog is a such a software that is designed to provide security, privacy and enhanced performance at all times. This software has become very popular with people all over the world. Some of the important features of this software are content syndication, web links, calendar, polls and e comments.

Since this software has some of the best features and sophisticated tools web hosting service providers are using this as it allows them to provide a host of services to their clients.

Geeklog is quite a complex software; this organizes any content that you have put on your website. Once you are confident about the system; you can then start to configure the settings of the system as per your own requirements. With this software you can customize video files, audio files, affiliate programs, google advertisements, documents and articles. This is a smart software that helps to build your website right from scratch.

Being a webmaster the first question that comes to mind is that do we need a software like Geeklog.

When you step into the world of the internet this is the first question that we ask ourselves or others.

Now let us look at the advantages of using Geeklog CMS

  • This is a software that is very well written and is tested by the users of a community. So there are high chances that you may not come across errors and coding bugs.
  • Geeklog is very easy to install
  • This particular software will have your website running in no time
  • You do not have to pay ridiculous amount of money to acquire this software.
  • You can expect to get strong technical support from the developers always
  • This software can be migrated and is compatible with any database.

This software has a very user friendly software that has many different tools that can let you do so many things. So to get the best out of the software you will have install the software properly. Now it is a complete myth that this software if very difficult to use. You just have to follow certain steps to install the software on your computer.

If you are a new user then you can consult certain tutorials online. Most of the content in the tutorials are broken down into easy to follow steps that will help you install the software properly. Once you have installed the software on your computer please go through the various tools on the interface. Do not rush through the process of learning as there is a lot that you can absorb. You may have a hard time using this software as a new comer; however you should have a relaxed approach.

After you feel confident about the software you can then tweak the settings to suit your purposes. So follow all the guidelines mentioned in the article about Geeklog and you will have a better understanding of the software and you will know how to use it well.

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