When coordination is the need of time…PHProjekt is there to assist

PHProjektit is very obvious in present days that no work can be completed single handedly. You must take the help of your colleagues and sub coordinates to complete a work successfully, be it an assignment, project or an individual task. Team work is a must. On the other hand, no work is possible without the internet and computer. Thus it is really essential to have such type of software at hand that enables you to share your data, files and folders with your colleagues and subordinates. This type of software is known as groupware. As the name specifies, a groupware helps you to work in groups. This type of software is mainly used in big organizations and works over intranet to share data among employees. PHProjekt is such type of a groupware.

PHProjekt is open source software. That is, you may copy, download and share this application free of cost. It is available under GPL license and works on over 30 languages. In order to use this software you just need to have any operating system. it works on a web server which contains a PHP-parser like Apache, and stores its data in MySQL database. This is easily available at its website. You can get all important and current updates about this product on its website and a user friendly manual is also available so that you may refer to it while installing this software. You may even subscribe to its newsletter to get the update related information directly in your inbox. An online demo is also available to help in its installation. Thus online support is really great of this application.

PHProjekt is an excellent application for managers. It helps to keep track of attendance, allot work to workers in time and even helps in editing and entering past records. You can also check the log in time of your subordinates through this software. Besides helping you in time management, it saves the profiles of all the contact with highlighting the profiles of frequent contacts. You can send and receive emails with the help of PHProjekt and can also store files, links and directories. With the help of this software you may also manage your online forum. It represents all the articles in a tree structure with keeping the latest articles on top. Using your administrative rights, you may allow user comments on this forum and may even add notifications to new comments on these articles.

Now-a-days we speak of reducing waste and optimal time utilization. The chat application of PHProjekt serves this purpose very well. You may sit at your desk and enquire any important fact from your sub ordinate or colleague without going to him or without running around the operational floor. As it helps you to share data, this groupware can only be logged in via a username and password. This shuns any need of more authentication tools. The various works performed by this management tool has several modules at the top of the home page, clicking on which will take you to your preferred page some of these modules are summary, calendar, contacts, chat, forum and files. Thus, this software has been made to help you manage your tasks easily and prove yourself to be a great manager.

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All you need to know about dotProject

dotProject is basically a very useful application that is used for project management. This particular application permits multiple user and more than one language. The good thing about this software is that it is free and is of open sourced nature.This software was put together by Will Ezell to serve as a replacement for Microsoft project and it has a similar interface too.

So what does dotProject do?

This software will permit you to keep a firm track of the online projects. This software also has appropriate tools that will make your operations very smooth and less time consuming. The best thing about this software is that it is free and it is licensed by GNU, however since it is free you will not get any warranty for it.

As a user when you log into the interface of the software you will get to see a personalized setup and the screen will show tasks and events. The screen will also display the projects that are assigned to specific people. Since the interface is pretty easy to use you can navigate to the different areas.

To operate this software properly you will need an internet connection and a browser. Some of the functions that you can perform with this software are listed below.

  • You can keep a track of the task progress with the event and calendar tools
  • You can view the projects as Gantt charts
  • You can setup the various projects and the related tasks
  • You can use the software to communicate effectively  with all the team members.

The software comes with a set of sophisticated tools that are great for communication.

Let us now take a look at some of the best features of dotProject

  • Discussion forums
  • Calendar
  • Contact lists
  • File Repository
  • Task list
  • Project listings
  • Clients Management
  • Ticketsmith System
  • User Management

So by now you may have understood that this particular software is very useful and can allow you to perform a whole lot of things. To get the best out of the software you must install it properly on your computer. Do not live under the misconception that dotProject is very difficult to install because it is not. In fact there are plenty of tutorials on the internet that with teach you to install the software very easily. Most of the tutorials are very easy to follow as the content is broken down into various steps.

After you have installed the software you should take the time to go through the interface and learn how to use the tools. You should not rush through the learning process as you may miss out on certain important aspects.

Once you feel confident you can then begin configuring the settings of the software as per your requirements. This is a software with a lot of potential so you must use it well. Make sure you install the software properly on your computer.

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