CIG Web Hosting Company

Excellence of CIG Web Hosting Company

As the process for the business world is changing new paths are being opened up and CIG web hosting company is one of those paths for a bright business. As it is seen now the rising new companies as well as the new companies are making new strategies to reach the height of global marketing. Now that the offline market seems to be very saturated with all kinds of companies in the same field,

it has become very difficult for the companies to spread its wings properly. So they have looked for other opportunities for their work and took the online market as the best place. The online market is an endless place where the companies, with the help of the blogs and websites can reach out to the possible customers. It is the place where they interact directly with their possible clients. Nowadays every company has its own online websites and through the websites the company makes all kinds of promotional acts.

However, for the websites the companies have tie up with the right kind of web hosting companies. The web hosting companies are the ones who make it possible for the website controller to have the proper access through the website into the world of internet. Through the web hosting companies only the websites are partially controlled and modeled. CIG web hosting company is one such web hosting company with all the experts who can make the website controlling experience very easy and very prompts.

The various companies are now for that reason being very dependent on the web hosting companies so far the proper controlling of the websites are concerned. Service providers, such as CIG web hosting company are very well equipped with all kinds of advanced technical supports that make their systems smoothly going all the time. At the same time the web hosting company has several departments which deal with the matters of customer support and malfunctioning unit. These units readily work if the websites start making any kind of malfunctioning.

The web hosting services such as the CIG web hosting company are generally the best services that are available and that’s why all over the world the demand for these web hosting services are rising high. However a lot of such companies have come to the market of web hosting and so the market has become a very competitive. For this reason the web hosting companies, a large extent of then are making different kind of strategic decisions to survive in the market as well as to make every possible attractive offers.

To do that, they are lowering the lever of charges for their services. Actually, But, according to the experts one should be choosy and avoid these cheap services as they don’t provide the quality service as expected. For that reason the big as well as the small companies usually find the best companies available for the web hosting services. It is affirmative that the CIG web hosting company fulfills all the criteria of the company clients.

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Rising Demand for Best Web Hosting

Rising Demand for Best Web Hosting

In the recent business market there is growing up a huge demand for the best web hosting for business. All the rising companies are now trying to expand themselves into new realm. In this connection they are making innovative ideas to make their business better and brighter. However, as in every field now too many companies have arrived, the scope for having an open opportunity for the business is being reduced as time is passing. The different brands are, for those reasons are being tied up with a very steep competition. Making an entry into the online world is one of their methods for promotional works.

The online market is huge and for that reason the companies are having the hope to expand to a great extent thanks to this method of online marketing. The websites are the direct channels through which the companies can contact with the customers directly and promote their products in the new and innovative ways. However, for that reason they are hiring best web hosting for business. The business companies generally look for quality and not cheap price and so their primary preference becomes the quality web hosting service providers. There are many excellent service providers all over the world who provide excellent web hosting services. There are various factors that these web hosting service providers take care of and the most proficient among them are termed as the best web hosting for business.

Usually for the business purposes the companies hope for the best services that are available. At the same time they make sure which is the best web hosting for business. This they do by making the online as well as offline researches of the web hosting services. Now most of the web development services have their websites on the browsers. The companies can check these websites and find out which are the web hosting services that have the proper infrastructure for the right kind of services. The companies generally also look for those service providers that provide day and night assistance in case the websites start malfunctioning.

Usually in any kind of web hosting service provider team, there are several departments in which the different kinds of operations are done. The customer care support is one of these departments where the companies can have any kind of assistance in the website controlling. If the quality of the service is smart and high, then the online customers find it very comfortable for them to surf in those websites. The proper systems regarding the websites as well as the high quality assistance, all these matters are properly addressed by these web hosting services.

However, many of the web hosting services is offering their services in cheaper price and for that they are making many kind of sacrifice in the service. Trusting these web hosting providers for having a proper service is not possible. So it is better to have a proper research before having a tie up with these web hosting companies. Only then one will be able to find the best web hosting for business.

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Hostmetro Review

A comprehensive Hostmetro Review

 Company Intro

A company like Hostmetro does not need any introduction in fact like some other service providers this company too uses Cpanel. The Cpanel is the real tool that makes web hosting a very user friendly affair. This Hostmetro review will educate you on the good and the bad things that you can expect from this company and then of course you can decide whether you wish to hire the services of this company.

Hosting Features

This Hostmetro review is quite meaning les is we do not cover the features provided by the company. The company provides databases that are based on MYSQL, myadmin access and php. All of these can be of great help to any company that uses the services of Hostmetro. Basically you will be allowed to use all the features for a very reasonable price.


The reliability has of this company has to be mentioned in this Hostmetro review. This company is by the most reliable company amongst all the others. The company provides every bit of the services that it has advertised. In fact the company also refunds money to those disgruntled customers who feel that the services of the company are not up to their expectations. As a customer you will never experience downtime for your website

Customer service

This is another thing that is worth mentioning in this Hostmetro review is the customer service provided by the company. The company employs a very well trained customer service team. The company has a toll free number that you can call at any time of the day to solve any problem that you have. There is even an online chat where you can seek help almost immediately. You can always expect to get a prompt reply from the customer service team. No matter how serious the problem is you can always expect to get a prompt reply.

Company Pros & Cons

Like any other reviews this Hostmetro review will also discuss the pros and cons of this company. The existing customers of this company have rated the services provided to them as simply the best.  As a customer you will have access to a big disk space as a result of which you can post a lot of content on your website without any problems at all. With the disk space given you can add many applications to your website. The company does offer services for reasonable prices just like it advertises.

The press too has stated that this company is very reliable in every single way, if you take into account the amount of money you will pay, you will actually realize that you are getting much more than you could possibly imagine. You just have to pay a monthly fee and you can avail all the services in that particular plan. The only con about this company is that the chat application does not work too well. So follow the tips mentioned in this Hostmetro review and you should have no trouble at all

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A complete Hostgator Review

Company Intro

Now before we go into the Hostgator Review in detail, we should learn a little about Hostgator itself. This company has been around since 2002 and has been catering to many websites (2.5 million to be exact). The company has been catering to various companies and individuals for their hosting requirements.

Hosting features

This Hostgator Review is incomplete without mentioning the various features that are offered by the company and they are as listed below.

  • There are more than 22 languages that are available
  • You will also have access to more than 4500 templates for websites
  • The domain registration is completely free
  • The billing system is absolutely free
  • You can even assign names top your private servers
  • You will also be given free software to build your website
  • Multiple FTP accounts
  • Multiple Cpanels
  • More than one MYSQL database
  • Multiple emails
  • More than one domains
  • You also have access to sub domains


Now this Hostgator Review will also discuss the reliability of the company so that you can decide whether it is good for you in the long run. The good quality of services that are provided by the company has made the company a very trusted name in the web hosting industry. The company’s ever increasing popularity has enabled the company to reach out a wide customer base all over the world. The company has also received the INC 5000 awards. So it is evident that the company is worth it.

Customer service

The customer service offered by this company is absolutely next to perfect. As a customer you can approach the customer service team for assistance on any issue that you may be facing and the team will be ever ready to help you out.

Company Pros and cons

The current customers of the company can vouch for the fact that the services offered by the company are in fact good. As a customer you will never experience downtime in fact your website will experience uptime always. In fact the company also offers a refund within 45 days if it fails to provide what it promised.

 Another point worth mentioning in this Hostgator Review is the amount of disk    space provided by the company is quite good. With the disk space provided you can be rest assured that the website will be functional at all times without facing any technical problems what so ever. Considering that the company charges very reasonable prices so you will actually end up getting much more than you imagined. The more the disk space the more content you can post on your website without facing any problems what so ever.

Another fact that should be highlighted in this Hostgator Review is that it has unlimited MySQL. This will help you develop good web based applications. In short if you go for Hostgator you can seriously add a lot of growth to your website. So try to keep the points mentioned in the Hostgator Review .

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An honest Hostmonster Review

Company Intro

This Hostmonster Review is written to give a clears picture of what this company has to offer you. Before we get into the features, we should learn a little bit about the company. The company has been around since 1996 so you see that it is one of the oldest hosting companies within the industry. This is considered to be the best and provides hosting services to more than 50,0000 domains.

Hosting features

  • RoR
  • Stats
  • SSH Access
  • Fpage
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • CGIbin
  • You get the facility for an unlimited pop mail
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited disk space
  • You will get a Cpanel that is compatible with fantastic
  • The Set up is completely free
  • Google credits
  • Yahoo credits
  • You get a sitebuilder for free
  • You also get a free domain for life


This Hostmonster Review is not complete without talking about the reliability of the company. The company provides the best services possible for reasonable prices in fact the company offers wonderful hosting services for about $4 on a monthly basis. The best part is that you do not have to sign any contract and you can cancel the services without having to pay any fees. As a customer you will get good value for your money.

Customer Services

The customer services are something that should be discussed in this Hostmonster Review. The company provides the customers with effective hosting solutions to host their websites. As a customer you will never experience any downtime on your website. The company is known to provide outstanding services at all times. In fact if you face difficulties regarding the services of the company you can simply approach the company as it has a well trained staff to solve any issues faced by the customers. You can also use the following to get assistance from the company

  • A ticket support system
  • Video tutorials
  • A user forum online
  • A toll free phone number that provides you  with assistance 24/7.
  • A reliable chat support
  • A database that is very extensive
  • A wizard that helps you getting started

Company Pros & Cons

The pros and cons mentioned in this Hostmonster Review will pretty much help you decide whether you should hire the services of the company. Firstly lets us start out with the good stuff.

Well this company is by far the most reliable off all the companies that you come across. The company promises to give you 99% uptime. A recent survey revealed that company actually gives you much more than you bargained for.

The affordability is something that has to be mentioned in this Hostmonster Review. As a customer you can avail all the possible features that the company has to offer you. The best part is that you do not have to pay for them separately.

However there have been only some complaints that the customer support at times is a little laid back when it comes to responding to the various enquiries put forward by the various customers.

Follow the points mentioned in this Hostmonster Review and you should have no problems at all.

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Review on Site5

  • Company Intro

Site5 was one of the very good webs hosting company, founded in 1998 by Matt Lightner and then it was again founded back in 2008 by Joel Brown and Ben Welch Bolen. Its office is situated at Denver. It has more than 65 employees and serves more than 40,000 customers, all over the world. It has various web hosting plans by which they offer web hosting with different features to serve the needs of their clients or customers.

  • Hosting Features

Site5 offers three different web hosting plans i.e. from starter plan to pro plan. Their first plan “Host Basic” plan offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and one website and is the cheapest. Second plan “Host Pro” plan offers disk space, bandwidth and others in unlimited qty. but does not offer multi admin or dedicated IP address. Their third plan “Host pro turbo” offers dedicated IP address and multi admin. Their shared web hosting plans offer various features such as unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited domains, easy to use control panel for the set up and configuration of the web site, MYSQL, PHP, PERL, Apache, Linux, dedicated IP, SSH, 24 hrs technical support and many more.

  • Reliability

Site5 offers their customers 24 hrs support, which ensures their reliability, as the provider or their customer care executives are available anytime for their help. With this they are also offering free trial on their web hosting services and refund of your full money within 45 days, if customer is not satisfied with their services, which ensures the safety and security of your money, that it is in the safe hands.

  • Customer Service

As we have seen that customer satisfaction is the main objective of every organization, so it is followed by Site 5 in a very good manner. Their customer support is available 24 hrs a day to resolve technical as well as other kind of issues, to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. Their staff is very well technically qualified and trained and have years of experience, which proves to be very beneficial for their customers.

  • Company pros and cons

Site 5 providers offers you various advantages such as it provide you the guarantee of your money to be back up in first 45 days of their service, if you are not satisfied with them and want to change or remove. This ensures safety and reliability of your hard earned money, that you may not loose it. They also offer you few discounts on their prices on their few basic hosting plans, by which their plans may prove to be affordable and cheap to you, as compared to other providers offering the same web hosting services. Site5 has another feature such as multi admin which is unique to it and provides it the ability to create additional web sites in just few clicks. When your new web site is created, you may get Linux account with a separate home directory, ssh is also enable for you, provide you with a separate document root for your web site files and cpanel login. SSH is enabling, thus it automatically configure for each user account. In terms of security, free shared SSL certificate is also provided, which can be used for securing your word press admin login. It also provides security to your website by protecting them from hackers, viruses, Trojan horses and worms. It allows you to choose the location of your server and ensures very fast speed during sign up process.

Other than pros, there are few cons i.e. disadvantages also, which is carry by the provider, as we all know that everyone is not perfect, so the same case with companies. For the starters, initial startup communication. It is not very good for large size business, it is appropriate for small size business, individuals, freelance web developer or designers only. With this, if your requirements are also more or if you are more demanding for the performance, availability or for the managed support, then also it is not a very good choice, in terms of selection of web hosting providers.

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BlueHost PHP Web hosting Review

BlueHost-PHP-Web-hostingBlueHost Company Introduction :

BlueHost is considering as a very good and reliable web hosting provider in the world, who are providing their services from last 15 years. They offer various types of web hosting such as word press hosting, open source hosting, unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. In 2013, it is recognized as the “Best web hosting provider” i.e. it secure first position, among all the web hosting providers due to its unparalleled service and constant service. Recently it offers a new drag and drop website builder for free.

BlueHost PHP :

BlueHost PHP 4 is mainly used by the people to use its services which provide support to their websites. If you want to use other applications, which require support for BlueHost PHP5, then in that case, you need to upgrade to PHP 5. Now a day’s E-Commerce is the modern concept, which is prevailing all over the world and those want to run their business online they need websites and to run them they need web hosting providers and for this there are so many options are available, but not like the BlueHost.

Price :

To use the services of BlueHost PHP, you don’t need to worry; you may have to pay a very nominal price of just $3.95 per month, to avail the services. Even company offers you one golden chance by which your monthly web hosting cost may become lower or decreased to a certain extent and this chance may be availed by purchasing the BlueHost coupon for the same price.

Support :

BlueHost PHP 5 provides you great support as it provides guidelines and references online. Teams, forums, support groups which easily support PHP 5 are also easily find out by the users. Their online, web or in a simple language their internet support is also available in different languages, which create convenience for their users.

Supporting Platforms :

PHP 5 is cross platform and it will enable operation across different operating systems such as LINUX, UNIX, Windows, MYSQL, Apache and others.

Customer Support :

BlueHost provide their customers 24 hrs support, which may resolve their technical as well as other kind of issues ,as they are having a team of technical experts and others who are specialized in their respective areas and thus they prove very beneficial for customers.

Makes Embedding Possible :

BlueHost PHP 5 may be embedded into HTML in an easy manner, which allows the users to convert the website which already exist into new, more informative and dynamic web site. It may create one more benefit that this may ensure high return because visitors may attract to our web site and their participation level may also increase and thus generate good return.

Several Benefits Together :

BlueHost PHP 5 provides their customers and especially to the online based business owners several advantages simultaneously. It offers stability, flexibility, speed, three qualities which attract users to select this as their web hosting provider.

Calculate ROI (Return on Investment)-

BlueHost PHP 5 allows you to easily calculate ROI (Return on Investment), which may help you to take sound decision on your investment and gain competitive advantage over their competitors. This is possible as this is highly scalalable and they have several extensions.

Accessibility to the Web based Tools-

Another reason, why BlueHost is preferred over other providers…because it allows you to have access to the website based tools such as Google maps and other in an easy manner and these tools are also required or highly recommended for all the business web sites, so owner need to access them but this is not possible with all the providers, but yes BlueHost PHP 5 makes possible this for you.

Other than the above, there are various other features also provided by BlueHost PHP 5, so what are you waiting for…go and enjoy the services.

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Justhost PHP Web hosting Review


JustHost Introduction to the Company

JustHost initially was founded in 1998 as the web hosting industry. Its headquarters are located in the U.S, U.K and Australia. They are providing reliable and fast hosting services at affordable rates to all their customers. It was again founded by Chris Phillips in the year 2008 and then it was purchased by U.S group, Endurance International Group, EIG. They are having a single data center located in Illinois in the U.S. They offer their clients basic hosting plans which are very suitable and appropriate for small business and individuals also.


JustHost offers shared hosting services to clients. Some of the features include; unlimited disk space, , unlimited domain hosting ,unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited E-Mail Accounts, Unlimited MySQL Databases ,Free Domain, Auto Responders, CGI support and b2evolution. It also offers Linux and windows based shared hosting to all their customers all over the world.

Supporting Languages-

Various programming languages such as: PHP Support Tickets, PHP-Nuke, Ruby on Ralis Perl, PHP, PHP5, Python, and POP3 are supported by JustHost.

Customer service-

Customer satisfaction of PHP Web hosting services of JustHost web hosting is very satisfactory, as they are having specialized staff and few technical expertise also with some supporting staff that all are trained very well on their respective subjects. Thus their knowledge is very good and they are capable to resolve almost all kinds of issues related to your website, whether they are technical or others. Their customer support is available for all their clients or customers 24 *7.


JustHost offers their clients or customers the guarantee of their money back anytime, if they are feeling dissatisfaction with the services. Thus, your money is safe and they ensure full refund in case of dissatisfaction face from you side.

How to use PHP on

To use PHP on JustHost, you need to follow the given steps:

  1. First of all make a file in your account and give it a file extension by name “.php” (e.g. horse.php).
  2. Through HTML language what you want to use in the web page is required to be kept inside this file.
  3. You need to replace your PHP code in that file with the HTML codes anywhere. The point is to be noted here is that PHP code always start with a “<?” and ends with a “?>”.

Selection of PHP Version Selection (PHP Configuration)

PHP is having various versions such PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4. All the servers of JustHost support (i.e. are capable of running) these versions. The default version is 5.2 and the other versions are also supported by same, with few additional steps. But there is another issue i.e. it is possible that old version of PHP coding may not be compatible with new versions of PHP. To resolve this, be aware of backwards compatibility issues with scripts. Another thing which is to be kept in mind is that the web sites requiring Zend or ioncube that were encoded with PHP 5.2 may be break by Using PHP 5.3. Thus, it is suggested to check with the application developers if they have a 5.3 version available.

Shared and Reseller

JustHost is currently having 5.3.20 or higher than this which is installed on all servers. The customers of JustHost who want to make use of PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.4, and then it is added to the shared and reseller servers of provider. You can make these changes by following the given steps, but they are in a very brief manner.

  • First of all you are required to login to your JustHost Control Panel.
  • Next step click “PHP Config” under Software/Service.
  • Then in the next step you need to select the version of PHP such as PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4 in which you’re interested to use it
  • Last Click on “Save” to save the Changes, which you have done.
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Inmotion PHP Web hosting Review

Inmotion-PHP-Web-hostingInmotion Company Introduction

Inmotion web hosting provider offers their web hosting services from last several years with a rare combination of quality, customer support, reliability, flexibility, scalability and affordability. For building PHP Web sites, this is considered as the best choice and it is also ranked among top 5 PHP Web hosting providers. It offers good quality Business hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated servers, Reseller hosting, Managed hosting to their clients to fulfill their needs.


The basic features which are offer by the Inmotion PHP web hosting include Unlimited Disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail account, free domain, unlimited websites on account, 1000 FTP Account, unlimited e-mail forwarder and web mail support,PHP features include Zend optimizer, PHP run as suPHP, 5.0.92+MYSQL Version, 512 MB- PHP limited memory, 5.2.17+ and 5.3.10+-PHP Version, advanced features include eco hosting, regular site back up, shared SSL support, hosting upgrade and many more.


Inmotion offers their PHP Web hosting services at a very affordable new price i.e. only for $ 4.89 per month. Earlier they offer this service at $ 6.99 per month but now they are offering discount also at 30% to their customers, so that they avail the services of PHP Web hosting at a very nominal price. This is good for their all types of customers, because now they may buy the services, as it fits in their budget.


Inmotion web hosting may offers you the guarantee of refund of your complete money within 90 days, if you are not satisfied with their services or having some other kind of issue. They also allow you to have your prorated refund anytime.

Customer Support

If we talk about the customer satisfaction of PHP Web hosting services of Inmotion web hosting, then it is very satisfactory, as company is having a team of experts and all their supporting staff goes under rigorous 160 hours of internal training program on various subjects. This increases their knowledge and creates experts which help us to resolve our all kinds of issues related to our website, whether they are technical or others. Their customer support is available for all their clients or customers 24 hrs a day.

Create dynamic pages

Inmotion hosting allows you to use PHP to create dynamic pages, by following the given steps:

  • First using PHP make custom contact form.
  • Create a database to gather data from a form on website.
  • To collect data or their comments from the user, build a simple HTML form.
  • For reusing the code, use PHP includes function.
  • To insert data into database, PHP code should be used.
  • The commenting system may be checked which was built using PHP and MYSQL.
  • To connect and retrieve data from MYSQL, use PHP.

Server support

To update PHP Settings on PHP info page, PHP is setup or configure on your server. It runs or it supports either of the two servers:

  • CGI Module
  • Apache Module


PHP Scripts have their own owners or program that has the power of controlling the accessibility of certain files. We may execute or run the PHP Script with their permission by using the tools called suPHP. It is may be necessary that the scripts which are executed must be authorized to run on the server. This task is done through file permissions.

The advantages of using SuPHP are that it makes any PHP application such as CMS systems more user-friendly and with this it also provides more security also.

How can we change the PHP version ?

Through cPanel, PHP version may be change by following the given steps:

  • First you need to login into cPanel
  • Next search for the icon “PHP Configuration” and click on it.
  • There are different versions of PHP such as PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4 ,so you are required to select the version which you want from the given dropdown menu.
  • Last, to make the changes or save you’re PHP Configuration, click on “Update” button.

Thus, overall Inmotion PHP Web hosting services are very good for their customers.

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Arvixe PHP Web hosting

Company Introduction-

Arvixe has been providing excellent web hosting since 2003 with several benefits such as quality, reliability and affordability. It has various types of web hosting plans such as ASP.NET hosting, reseller hosting, business hosting, Linux hosting, VPS hosting or managed dedicated servers.


  • Arvixe offers you up to 50% off for life on all your hosting account, if you host all your domains and accounts through arvixe. You have to order and you may receive automated discounts, on the no. of accounts you will added. It may offer you 10% off on your hosting account, if you link them from your webpage.
  • If you want to move to another web host, then their technical support representatives may help you to transfer your website content, databases, and domain name, without any cost.
  • The fees which is charge by the arvixe, is totally visible on your website, which makes you sure, that there is no hidden fees or other charges, which company may charge from you.
  • Another feature provided by arvixe is that your virtual hosting account may setup automatically, after all the billing information is confirm by the system and their staff. Your website may also updated within 5 minutes or even less than this.
  • PHP Web hosting offers Unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer to handle your websites, one free domain registration for life, it host up to 6 domains to unlimited no. of domains, provide you c panel control panel which include unlimited E-mail, unlimited databases and unlimited sub domains.
  • It support all the applications written in PHP and all the versions of PHP 5.X


Arvixe refund your full money within first 60 days of your service without asking even a single question, if you are not satisfied with their service and want to cancel the account. They provide you guarantee for the same. Another guarantee they provide is 99.9% uptime guarantee every month, if due to some reason, they cannot provide you the same, then they may refund you that particular month’s hosting fees.

Customer Support-

Arvixe customer services are also good. They offer their customers 24 hrs qualified and experienced technical support, to resolve their any kind of technical or other type of issue as quickly as possible. The customer care executives have years of in depth hosting experience. It always satisfy their current and future customers


Arvixe offers their PHP Web hosting at a very cheap price $4 per month. It always offers their web hosting plans at an affordable price, which customers can easily pay for it and host their websites or domains.

PHP 5.3 Web hosting-

PHP5.3 Web hosting offers Unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer to handle your websites, one free domain registration for life, it host up to 6 domains to unlimited no. of domains, provide you with 99.9% uptime and 60 days money back guarantee, 24*7 good quality support, provide you c panel control panel which include unlimited E-mail, unlimited databases and unlimited sub domains. It also cost $4 per month.

How to enable PHP 5.3 on Windows based hosting for your website

You can enable PHP 5.3 for your website by adding the following to your web.config file between <system.webServer> tags.


<remove name=”PHP via FastCGI (*.php)” />

<add name=”PHP” path=”*.php” verb=”*” modules=”FastCgiModule” scriptProcessor=”C:\PHP5.3\php-cgi.exe” resourceType=”File” />


PHPMotion web hosting-

PHPmotion is 100% free to download and to use. You may get the option to change the look and feel of templates which are based on the design of PHPMotion. It provides complete support for mp3 audio. It also provides fully CSS based template to make editing easy. To manage your website, fully featured admin also possess by the PHPMotion. More than 100000 users have already downloaded PHPMotion.


Arvixe PHP Web hosting is highly recommended due to its various features like unlimited disk space, bandwidth, e-mail, sub domains and many more to those who want to host their website or domain in user friendly and cost effective way.

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