SohoLaunch Pro Edition

Web designing a problem???

Not any more with SohoLaunch

SohoLaunchOnline business and commerce is the call of time. The world has turned into a global village and people love to experience life style of a different country sitting at their home. Spending most of the time in corporate cubicles has left very less time in people’s hand to get out, hop around the complete market and shop. Most of us thus prefer to surf the internet, hop around at online shopping zones and choose the best deal with just a click of the mouse. Thus, if you want to get your business reach its zenith, you must switch to online business; but the crucial factor that should be kept in mind while setting up online business is that, competition is stiff here as well. You need to have a smart website to attract new customers and retain the old ones. Thus, try SohoLaunch and check how helpful it is to accomplish this task.

People crave for an affordable and skilled web builder. SohoLaunch has both the features. You can have 100 free domains per IP and installation is really easy and fast. The installation process is straightforward and you may get tutorials which have guidelines related to usage of commands. If you feel something is missing, you may send your feedback. The default language being English, this web builder is frequently updated and the latest version is 4.9.4r25. This 71 MB license free application requires MySQL database to work on.

The main reason that why you could try out SohoLaunch is that it rejuvenates your website. If you already have a website, this web builder refreshes and renews it with its great variety of templates. You can get any template that suits the subject matter of your website. This software application takes the complete responsibility to check whether your menu and tools are working fine or not. This gives you ample time to concentrate the core content of your website. If you are inexperienced in website designing and is new in the field, this application helps you to get a domain name and web hosting. You can send unlimited emails with this software and can get unlimited technical assistance. This unlimited support never lets you feel that you are new in the web world.

SohoLaunch is specialized for shopping websites. It has features like unlimited pages and shopping carts. You may have great number of products to put on display; the availability of unlimited pages lets you do so. Through shopping carts, customers can save their preference and chosen products for a later purchase; and with the help of this you will always remain aware about which product of yours is on demand. The shopping cart feature also supports online payment facilities like PayPal, making online payment easy and safe. You may personalize your website with customized images as SohoLaunch supports image editing and can make the website easier for use by utilizing the multi-language support facility. There are several additional features which you may purchase at a nominal price. So, just check once this wonderful technical creation and you will just love it.

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Templates Express

Design your website with Templates Express

Templates-ExpressInternet is now a days no more a scientist’s baby. Most of us are acquainted with internet and use it almost everyday, not only just for fun and entertainment, but also for expressing our views and also for professional needs. Ecommerce has gained immense popularity and is a vital part of our hectic life schedule. Now days most of the shopping is done sitting in the corporate cubicles just by a single click of the mouse. All the companies are aware of this dynamic change and hence the competition is stiff among the ecommerce marketers. To keep pace with this tough competition, companies need to set up a organized, vibrant website, a website that speaks. This is where the templates express comes to work.

All people who aspire to set up an online business are not computer experts and are not web designers. But this does not mean that they need to spend huge amount in hiring web designers to set up a good website. You need be knowledgeable in web hosting to create a website of your own. Templates express assists you in setting up your own website without any hassle. It has been set up keeping in mind the new and inexperienced users in web hosting. People who want to set up their own website but are not at all experienced in the same are welcomed in the web world by this application. There are more than 56 templates available in this application. These templates are meant for all types of use, be it personal or professional.

Templates express has a great online customer support desk. Whenever there is a problem in using this application, you can seek assistance from this support desk which is always there at your help. This software gets downloaded with ease be it any operating system. Vodahost web hosting services allows its free installation. This software has been designed by ViaStep`s Sohotemplates Division. You may install this software freely and there is no need to seek any extra license from ViaStep`s Sohotemplates Division for the same. You may even download templates from this application tool just by using your HTML text editor. This simplicity is one of the main reasons for such immense popularity of this application.

Templates express not only does provide you with a list of templates but also lets you edit and customize the templates as per the need. This application is just a static set of templates and hence the complete control of building a website is in your hands. It gives you just a reference and then allows you to organize and decorate your website in your own way. These templates have space for entering name, heading, address which are collected by the application during installation and then entered automatically at appropriate areas into the template when installation is complete. You even get an online wizard along with the Templates express, making your work easier. Thus, the next time someone comes up with a view that a beautiful and organized website requires the masterwork of a web designer, just take the challenge and set up a website of your own using this magic application.

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